Cloud Computing Migration
Cloud Computing Migration


The trip is firmly planned. But what do I have to take with me? How do I have to prepare? What is the first step? And what comes next? That is how the task could be outlined that the managers of the migration into the cloud are faced with. Now, moving experts are needed, just like they are being utilised also in IT sourcing and data centre relocations. To migrate individual systems in the context of complex processes and to not lose sight of ongoing operations in this is a challenging task. To enable new teams in new roles for the specific work and to support them up to smooth new routine is an important support for the future day-to-day cloud business.

Based on their more than 20 years of experience as consultants for IT sourcing, data centre relocations, as well as IT operations and as experts for the transformation of complex IT systems, the noventum consultants have developed a phased approach. The last challenging step can be illustrated using five planning steps:

  • Need for action
  • Transformation concept
  • Development of targets
  • Transformation
  • Regular operation


Analysis of adjustments
required for the cloud

  • Detailed analysis on a per object basis
  • Dependencies & interfaces
  • Security & compliance

Development on the basis
of affected objects

  • Implementation concept on a per object basis
  • Transformation plan on a per object basis

Provision of
the objects

  • Preparation of the organisational make-up
  • Provisioning of the cloud infrastructure

Migration / transformation

  • Object transformation
  • Cloud computing testing
  • Expanded support
  • Monitoring

Cloud operation

  • Training of operations team
  • Handover to operations team
  • Support of operations team
  • De-commissioning of old system