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IT Sourcing Strategies for a dynamic market

IT sourcing is among the most exciting topics of the IT world in the past decades. Here, technological development and market development come together and change the business world.

Are you affected by these changes, too? Then we should talk with each other!

We, at noventum, are well-known experts in all essential questions of IT sourcing. Independently between DAX-listed customers and medium-sized companies on the one hand and IT providers on the other, we are consultants for the whole sourcing field who are in high demand. We develop your sourcing strategy together with you, we support your invitation to bid and your change of providers, or we develop a plan jointly with you how things will continue after the successful outsourcing.

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IT strategy & sourcing solutions with noventum at a glance

IT strategy consulting

Your IT Strategy – Systematically Developing your own Objectives

Complex systems must be placed on the testing station time and again so that the clarity regarding facts and objectives does not get lost.

With our IT strategy consulting, we support and advise you in all strategic questions.  

The implementation of your IT strategy takes into consideration all areas of the IT organisation, of the IT operating model, of the IT processes and controlling, as well as its positioning within the company. We pay particular attention to the role of IT as business enabler. A thoroughly and holistically formulated IT strategy provides for the best foundation for an effective change management.

IT sourcing strategy consulting

More than "make or buy" - Your IT Sourcing Strategy

Are you faced with the decision to outsource your IT or to fulfill current requirements by other means?

Has your experience with outsourcing had its ups and downs, and are you contemplating to bring your IT back in-house?

Is outsourcing the path for you, but it should work better?

Then we are the people to talk to! IT sourcing strategy consulting has been one of our most prominent consulting topics for years already. We support you in the strategic decision finding, we accompany your next steps professionally. We have a huge treasure trove of experience in the outsourcing, integration, and optimisation of IT infrastructures, processes, and IT services.

We are independent and active shapers and framers in all important panels and we know the market.

Enthusiastic customers provide for a sustainable recommendation for our successful consulting activity!

Tenders / requests for quote

Diligently do due Diligence ...

The centrepiece of each and every IT sourcing is the putting out to tender and subsequent contract design. When a fair give and take for both the customers and the outsourcing providers has been agreed upon through contracts, the success story can last a long time.

However, if you, as the customer, are dissatisfied with the performance of your provider, this brings up the question of a validation of contract vs. reality. Quite often, the process of putting out to tender starts anew then.

The occasions for discussing the putting out to tender of your sourcing are numerous. Nevertheless, it is always something of an exceptional situation since your core business and your core competencies are located in other areas.

We at noventum do not offer any outsourcing services ourselves. Instead, we as independent and objective advisers of our customers who pursue a strictly analytical approach in the preparation of outsourcing decisions.

IT sourcing consulting has been a core competency of noventum for 20 years already. We have a large treasure trove of experience and references for the outsourcing and integration of IT infrastructures, processes, and IT services. We are active shapers and framers in all important panels and we know the market. The IT sourcing consultants of noventum feature excellent expertise and have many years of experience in complex IT sourcing projects.

Many of the consultants have sourcing experience both on the customer side as well as on the IT provider side. This experience benefits the clients of noventum since the consultants this way have a good understanding of both the customer side as well as the provider side.

Transition and transformation

The transition and transformation phase in insourcing and outsourcing project, but also after mergers and acquisitions is, from a company's point of view, a special situation with significant costs and risks. Transition and transformation projects demand for special knowledge that must be retrievable in sufficient quantity within a short period of time, especially in case of the transformation from an existing service provider to a new IT service provider.

Numerous advantages result from the utilisation of our consultants:

  • Shortening of the process duration and acceleration of the speed of implementation
  • Access to current technological know-how, e.g. SAP Basis, databases, cloud technologies through the cooperation with specialised departments of noventum
  • Utilisation of tried and tested Best Practice methods and aids
  • Utilisation of specialised methodological competency in the transition and transformation
  • Utilisation of established templates for project management, risk mitigation, service level, acceptance planning, etc.
  • Insider knowledge regarding providers as well as their technology and governance models

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