Business Intelligence:
From big data to data warehouse

Executive and senior management always needs current data for its decisions, and the facts are inherent to their own company, most of the time. Business Intelligence systems derive this information from business data.

Business Intelligence, consists of strategies, processes, and technologies.
Our specialty.

We develop customer-specific data warehouse solutions so that the abundance of business data becomes usable, decision-supporting information for business management.

Your individual situation is, of course, both the start and end point of any BI project. But you do not have to reinvent the wheel from scratch: We contribute standardised project plans, methods, and templates, layer models, data models, and naming conventions to your project – our whole treasure trove of experience! As such, your BI project is reliably planable and provides – at high project quality – for a good cost/benefit ratio.

We maintain partnerships with the best of breed providers in the business intelligence market. Conforming to the current market situation, numerous projects are being implemented with MicroStrategy and with the BI stack of Microsoft.

Business Intelligence solutions with noventum at a glance

Enterprise Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence

Decision competence due to the right information at the right time at the right place

With BI systems based on an enterprise data warehouse, we help our customers to gain information from business data that can be utilised for managing the company.

noventum consulting has been providing advice in the business intelligence environment since 1996. Ever since, the internal treasure trove of experience regarding the topic of data warehousing and BI has been growing from project to project. The intensive knowledge management is continuously expanding the spectrum of the noventum BI methodology.

noventum data warehousing projects are - despite all the required customer-specific flexibility - characterised by standardised project plans, methods and templates, layer models, data models and naming conventions that originate from an established toolbox.

Important partners in the "Enterprise Datawarehouse" solution are MicroStrategy, Microsoft, SAP, Board, Thinking Networks, and Theobald (interface tool between MS SQL Server and SAP)

Enthusiastic customers provide for a sustainable recommendation for our successful consulting activity!

HR analytics

Targetedly analysing data with "HR-Analytics"

Reporting and analysis of indicators for a company's human resources department is gaining more and more in importance due to the increasing digitalisation. While the potential is obvious, the increasing demands posed to the analysis of existing data material also increases expenditures.

In the human resources department, a lot of time is spent aggregating, processing, and manually analysing personnel data. The data is found in very different systems: time recording, access control, billing, HRM, and is typically processed with MS Excel.

Since the data is to the highest degree sensitive and needs to be protected, and since the internal access to personnel data in particular is strictly regulated, employees in the human resources department often are left to their own devices and cannot be supported sufficiently by the in-house IT department.

With "HR-Analytics", the sensitive goods of personnel data are processed analysably, transparently, and securely.

Analysis and planning solutions in financial controlling

Market-Leading Technology and strong Industry Partners

At all larger companies, the financial controlling department is among the central offices for analysis and managing. Internal and external accounting bundles competencies and processes that are integral to your entire company.

The noventum BI consultant are your points of contact in all things "Enterprise Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence". In financial controlling, in particular, we have, furthermore, very comprehensive experience and provide you with optimal solutions in the areas of planning/budgeting, reporting, and analysis environments.

With the "Analysis and Planning Solutions in Financial Controlling", we are creating true added value for our customers.

In this, our technical expertise does not just cover SAP (FI/CO/PA), it covers all typical technical paths.

In the area of planning, a special field within the area of BI, noventum is also capable of providing comprehensive solutions: We work closely together with the partners Thinking Networks, Board, MicroStrategy, and Microsoft, and this way can guide you in the selection of the right architecture.

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