Cloud Computing Beratung

Cloud Computing Consulting

noventum Cloud Beratung Vorgehensmodell

Agility, Innovation and cost reduction

Today, most companies have already gained experience with the cloud: applications, IT capacities or individual processes are being obtained from a broad range of offers of cloud providers.

In this, many have already determined that the path into the cloud brings up various questions: Which provider has the fitting applications? Which parts of company IT are suitable for outsourcing? How exactly does a migration into the cloud take place? From when on does the expense pay off, and are the costs the only trigger for the exodus into the cloud?

Quite often, the question no longer is “Are we going into the cloud?” Rather, questions are quite specific such as “When and how?” or “Which services are possible (regulatorily)?”

Heading into the Cloud with experience and competent consulting

The noventum ‘Cloud Computing’ methodology provides clarity regarding the whole path into the cloud. With our more than 20 years of consulting experience in the areas of IT sourcing, data centre relocations, and IT infrastructure, we have developed a phased plan that turns our path into the cloud into a safe and successful next step of your IT history.

In four great planning steps, we are taking a look with you at:


The detailed overviews of our methodology and of its individual sub-items illustrate how careful planning turns the migration into the cloud into a success.

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Types of results for Cloud Strategy

  • Cloud target vision
  • Cloud readiness check
  • Options for courses of action
  • Cloud roadmap
  • Cloud guidelines

Types of results for concepts

  • Organisational concept
  • Operational concepts
  • Migration concepts
  • Security concepts

Types of results for Processes

  • Enterprise/business processes
  • Operational processes (ITIL)
  • Security & compliance processes

Types of results for Cloud Migration & Transformation

  • Need for action
  • Transformation plan
  • Development of targets
  • Migration
  • Regular operation