The Cloud Strategy In Five Steps

noventum Vorgehensmodell CLOUD STRATEGIE

A cloud strategy is more than just a technical issue. Cloud migrations have an influence on the IT strategy, the business strategy and the HR planning of the company. Prior to each planning and implementation, there is the question regarding the sensibility and the framework data of a cloud migration, regarding technical and personnel prerequisites, as well as regarding statutory requirements. Accordingly, in addition to IT management, business management, HR management, and, where applicable, also business development should participate in strategy development.

In the following five steps, we are developing your cloud strategy with you:

  • Target vision
  • Readiness check
  • Options for courses of action
  • Cloud roadmap
  • Guidelines for the cloud

Upon taking a closer look, you will notice that you have already answered a lot of the questions regarding your future cloud strategy. Others, we are only asking now.

The noventum consultants are the experts for your cloud strategy development.

1. Development of a target
hierarchy for the cloud

  • Analysis of IT strategy
  • Definition of cloud objectives
  • Prioritisation of cloud objectives
  •  Expansion of IT strategy

2. Performing a cloud readiness check

  • Capturing of the status quo of infrastructure, process, skills, etc.
  • Analysis of the level of maturity of infrastructure, processes, skills, etc.
  • Regulatory framework conditions

3. Development & assessment of 
options for courses of action

  • Identifying of options for courses of action
  • SWOT analysis
  • GAP analysis
  • Business case
  • Decision-making proposal

4. Development of
the cloud roadmap

  • Expansion of IT strategy
  • Quick wins
  • Long-term objectives

5. Specification
of cloud guidelines

  • Data classification
  • Analysis of need for protection
  • Guidelines