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Systematically developing business culture

Do you want to tangibly improve your business culture and thereby unleash your organisation's full potential? The dealing with each other, the relationship between employees and managers, the mood in-house, and the trust in your leadership? We, at noventum, are representative of the systematic development of a culture of trust and performance and would like to support you on your path.

A very good workplace culture strengthens your employees' motivation and makes you more successful economically! Through numerous successful project in large and complex environments, we have proven that with us, you are putting important changes on their path thoroughly. Both technically and organisationally as well as culturally.

As a longstanding participant in the Great Place to Work® awards and three time winner of the competition "Germany's Best Employer", we are superbly familiar with the instruments for promoting a culture of trust.

We support your company through our solution offers.

Corporate Culture Concepts solutions with noventum at a glance

Harmonisation of business culture – Success factor in mergers

With mutual valuation and appreciation to a new business culture

Your company grows by leaps and bounds through a merger or acquisition. With the new size you can effect even more for your customers and can, furthermore, produce more cost-efficiently due to synergies and economies of scale. This or something similar quite often is the plan.

But is it really that simple? From now on, we belong together and do everything together? Of course, it is not that simple! To shape one company out of two independent companies is a huge challenge. One important task in this is to bring together the people with their potentially quite different business cultures.

Here, we at noventum consulting can provide you with support because this is what we have specialised in.

Our past projects have shown us that it is important to first identify and appreciate the strengths of the individual cultures. It is only then that these can be connected to one another and a new business culture can arise. For this, mutual respect and mutual valuation and appreciation are required.

Therefore, we spell out the word DIALOG in particularly large letters in our business culture projects...

On the path towards a trust-based business culture

Targetedly improving business culture - learning from culture audits and employee surveys

Would you like to become an award-winning employer? Do you dream of your employees enjoying coming to work and performing extraordinarily good and effective work with lots of fun? Would like to also be attractive to future employees and do you wish word would get around how attractive working for you is? 

With our tried and tested methodologies, with our wealth of experience, and with a value-oriented attitude, we support you on your path to an award-winning business culture. 

With a determination of the position through culture analyses, we assess where the company currently stands, which areas of activity exist, and - above all - which are the relevant topics to be developed further. We investigate your personnel measures to date and - upon request - also carry out an employee survey for you. You receive a comprehensive mirror image of the current climate and get a feeling of how your human resources strategy is perceived and accepted by the employees...

Future-oriented leadership: events and excursions

Our open forum for a culture of trust and modern management

"Trust" is to a future-oriented management culture! This is the CREDO of our events for executives in which we want to raise your enthusiasm for our position.

In our public events, we point out via surprising and not exactly ordinary means how future-oriented management can become a part of your day-to-day business.

The SYLT DAYS: We travel together to Germany's most beautiful North Sea island and develop solutions for our day-to-day management business in very heterogeneous teams. In this, improv theatre and the invigorating North Sea climate help us to return with a clear head and high spirits. 

The BUSINESS UNUSUAL FORUM has for years been our open congress event for executives with a propensity to innovate. Unusual in this are our topics as well as the format of this attractive one-day event. We bring people together who want to develop their day-to-day business further and who are bravely willing to take new paths doing so. With keynotes and workshops, entertainment and a lot of interaction, we create a creative atmosphere that can sustainably influence management content.

Got curious? Then be a part of it next time!

Keynotes and workshops for a trust and performance culture

A culture of trust pays off!

Uwe Rotermund is  t h e  expert when it comes to the topics of "culture of trust" and "employer attractiveness".

He is a successful business man but he wants to achieve more than to just earn money. Since 1996, he has been the managing director of noventum consulting and he is leading the company with the claim to be able to realise trust and performance under one roof.

He shares this experience as speaker at public events or internal company events and workshops.

He includes vivid examples from his own company's history and from successful business culture projects in his public presentations, with fundamental suggestions regarding a culture of trust, employer attractiveness, and innovation within the company.

Uwe Rotermund inspires and develops practice-oriented concepts. From his decades of experience as a business consultant, he is familiar with the day-to-day business in companies and forges the link to a new management culture.

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