DataStage UserGroup (DDSUG) meets at IBM

Data & Analytics

"Versioning and configuration management" was the topic of the presentation by Marcus Pothmann, noventum consulting

Marcus Pothmann, noventum consulting, gave a presentation on "Versioning and Configuration Management" at the 27th meeting of the German-speaking DataStage UserGroup (DDSUG). The meeting took place on May 19 and 20, 2014 in Düsseldorf at the IBM premises. One focus of the conference was on presentations on topics from the DataStage environment. In addition, a workshop on DWH architecture and a joint evening event for the participants were on the agenda.

The German-speaking DataStage UserGroup (DDSUG) has set itself the task of "bringing together all those who work with DataStage products from IBM's information server suite in the German-speaking countries. The goal is an active exchange of experience among all members, joint problem solving, and the constructive criticism of a strong community." (

Marcus Pothmann has been involved in organizing events of this type as part of the UserGroup core team for several years. In general, DDSUG meets twice a year at different locations.

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