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noventum participates in the research project Prod-IT of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

The measurement of performance and service quality is becoming more and more important in the IT service business in view of increasing competition, price and cost pressure. At the same time, quality management systems such as ISO 9001 and EFQM demand the implementation of suitable performance measurement systems. After all, only what is measured can be improved in a targeted manner.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the Prod-IT project, which focuses on measuring the productivity of IT-related services. Research partners are the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW), the University of Mannheim and Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC).

noventum contributes to this project by contributing our longtime experience in dealing with IT control methods and KPI systems. Central questions in the project are among others:

  • Which methods and key figures are suitable for measuring, controlling and designing the provision of IT services?
  • Which key figures and methods can IT service providers use to make the quality of their services and the associated productivity effects transparent to customers?
  • To what extent are currently used key figures for assessing the production and distribution of IT services practicable, meaningful and comparable?
Illustration: EFQM - ISO 9001 - BSC - Great Place to Work

To kick off the project, an initial workshop with more than 50 participants was held at ZEW in Mannheim on November 24, 2011. In this context, existing and innovative concepts of productivity measurement in IT service companies as well as associated challenges were highlighted and discussed. The workshop also served as a platform to establish a network of practitioners, consultants and academics on this topic.

noventum's contribution to the opening workshop consisted of Uwe Rotermund, managing director of noventum, giving a detailed presentation on the possibilities of controlling an IT company with the help of the EFQM system (European Foundation for Quality Management) using control mechanisms from "Great Place to Work®", "Balanced Scorecard" and "ISO 9001". For this purpose he explained in detail the experiences and successes as well as a multitude of proven productivity indicators from noventum. In the second part of his presentation he introduced the Data Center Cockpit, which was developed by noventum in cooperation with the University of Münster and which represents an innovative business intelligence tool for the tasks of the Prod-IT project.

Besides noventum, the participants were inspired by further contributions of T-Systems, PAC, Technogroup and Sage. All in all, from Uwe Rotermund's point of view, a project and an event that is an important milestone on the way to the so-called industrialization of IT services. noventum will gladly and intensively contribute to this research project in the future.

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