HR Management:
Digitalisation and people orientation

noventum consulting is Persis-partner

Do you want to set up or optimise your HR processes IT-based? We can support you in this!

For many years already, we have been providing support in the selection and implementation of operational HR management systems and have established excellent know-how for the HR management solutions of PERSIS and SAP HCM. noventum is Persis-partner and provides a team of HR specialists who take care of the adjustments, enhancements, and the operation of the HRM solution by Persis.

noventum is also your contact as a Persis sales partner for Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland.

Personal management from technology to Corporate Culture


With our professional HR management consulting, you [can] expand your opportunities for being able to provide solutions for HR reporting.

Our consultants have excellent knowledge of the operational world of data with its structures and opportunities for analysis, they are perfectly familiar with the HR processes, the reporting requirements, and the indicators relevant to both the operational as well the strategic management of human resources.

In addition to providing competent and creative consulting regarding the solving of operational problems in the HR process, we support companies with our Corporate Culture Concepts (CCC) service in the analysing and improving employer attractiveness. This know-how, and the data derived therefrom, in particular, also flow into the consulting portfolio of our HR management consulting service.

HR Management solutions with noventum at a glance

HR analytics

Targetedly analysing data with "HR-Analytics"

Reporting and analysis of indicators for a company's human resources department is gaining more and more in importance due to the increasing digitalisation. While the potential is obvious, the increasing demands posed to the analysis of existing data material also increases expenditures.

In the human resources department, a lot of time is spent aggregating, processing, and manually analysing personnel data. The data is found in very different systems: time recording, access control, billing, HRM, and is typically processed with MS Excel.

Since the data is to the highest degree sensitive and needs to be protected, and since the internal access to personnel data in particular is strictly regulated, employees in the human resources department often are left to their own devices and cannot be supported sufficiently by the in-house IT department.

With "HR-Analytics", the sensitive goods of personnel data are processed analysably, transparently, and securely.

IT support for HR management

HR Management software supports human resources work

Companies of all industries see themselves confronted with particular challenges due to the increasing lack of qualified personnel. New personnel must be won over and the current employees expect a perfect handling of their concerns.

In the times of the digitalisation of all business processes, "HR Management" is increasingly developing into an IT-supported discipline. HR managers have to provide optimal support to the demanding executives with the help of integrated HR processes and IT systems, both technologically and organisationally.

With our "HR Management" service, we support our customers in the creation and optimisation of IT-supported HR processes.

Would you like to select and implement a new HR management software?

With our many years of expertise, we support you in the area of software selection and project management as well as with our profound know-how in the area of all personnel processes.

Our service offer is particularly geared towards companies (human resources department and IT) that would like to adapt, expand and operate their existing HRM solutions to Persis or SAP HCM. We capture your requirements, implement them, and support your HR solution in continuous operation.

Read the project report: Successful Persis implementation at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG with the support of noventum consulting.

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