IT Strategy in the Age of Digitalisation – How it can drive innovations

The digitalisation that companies see themselves confronted with these days is putting whole business models to the test and effects changes in many areas of day-to-day life.

Most of the time, the IT department is responsible for implementing these changes. The IT department has to reposition itself strategically and has to be agile in order to be able to implement the new requirements of the specialised departments as quickly as possible. As such, the IT department supports flexible growth, helps avoid misinvestments and is substantially contributing to the company's success.

IT strategy consulting with noventum consulting takes various aspects into consideration.

Building Blocks for a successful IT Strategy

Effective and efficient IT management processes
  • Interface of business & IT: demand & portfolio management
  • IT project management
  • Software development & quality management
  • Innovation management
  • IT controlling
Customer-oriented & flexible application architecture
  • A multitude of output channels
  • Powerful infrastructure for core IT and new digital applications
  • Intersectional services such as data platform & integration
  •  Enterprise architecture management (EAM)
Deployment model with two speeds
  • Efficient and reliable operation of core IT
  • Rapid deployment of new functionalities, applications and services
  • Efficient service and provider management
Lean & agile development approaches
  • Cross-functional DevOps teams
  • Utilisation of automated tool for development, testing and implementation
  • Efficient control of the development landscape
Effective IT supply & procurement management
  • IT sourcing strategy
  • IT infrastructure management
  • IT service level management
  • IT provider management
  • Master data quality
  • IT governance & security
Powerful & automated infrastructure
  • Deployment of various platforms (on premise, on demand, private cloud, public cloud)
  • Highly automated infrastructure
  • Flexible control of all components of the infrastructure
Innovative technologies & partnerships
  • Innovation scouting of new technologies
  • Partnerships with technology suppliers and specialised service providers
  • Experimenting with and piloting of innovative solutions
Optimisation of ongoing costs & optimisation of financial control
  • Simplification of the IT landscape (applications and infrastructure)
  • Optimisation of deployment through sourcing and best-shoring
  • Continuous control of the project and innovations portfolio

We have been supporting our customers in the creation, adjustment and operationalisation of their IT strategy for more than 20 years.

  • In order to facilitate a loss-free linking of the world of conventional IT with the agile world of apps and web-applications, we outline – with you – the new forms of integrated operating models.

  • We pick up new technological topics and check for you whether automated, agile, and flexible IT infrastructures and application environments can increase the value contribution of your IT department.

  • Exact knowledge of the quality of your application portfolio is of great importance for the development of your IT strategy. This critical view is a prerequisite for making decisions regarding rationalisation, prioritisation, or restructuring. This has a positive effect on both costs and performance.

Tried and tested methodologies for your IT Strategy Projects

Based on the experience of innumerable IT strategy projects, noventum consulting has developed differentiated and flexible methodologies. These are being applied in the following areas:

  • CIO advisory

  • Development/further development of IT strategies

  • Development of digitalisation strategies

  • Enterprise architecture management

  • Development of IT sourcing and cloud strategies
  • Optimisation/adaptation of organisational structure and process organisation

  • Lean IT initiatives

  • IT turnaround measures

  • IT merger and acquisition projects

Our IT strategy consultants are available for a succinct and comprehensible approach and for a perfect implementation of your projects.

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