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At the centre of any data centre operation, there is IT production. In IT production is where our technical consultants are at home. Here, they know their way around and they have already seen and done everything that has happened regarding technology for more than 20 years in the world of data centres, from simple support in day-to-day operations to the planning and carrying out of complete data centre relocations.

Our consultant activities range from IT operations and administration via the organisation of IT system landscapes all the way to IT optimisation, consolidation, and technical migration.

Time and again, noventum has successfully supported the relocation of small to large data centres. We provide our customers with consulting and support in the technical migration of infrastructures into the cloud. The noventum IT analysis is a good prerequisite for an optimisation of production and also the basis for relocations, consolidations and migrations.

The core subject area of our technical consulting is a multitude of solutions and technical implementation competencies in IT production. As such, we are the right point of contact for the technical harmonisation of the IT infrastructures after company mergers as well.

IT technology consulting with noventum at a glance

Data centre relocations

Data centre relocations

There are a lot of reasons to relocate data centres: New construction, shifting, expansion, outsourcing, merger, or for cost reasons.

For the manager responsible, this is always a project of a highly volatile nature. Production must not be disrupted, security requirements accompany each and every step, and "relocation" most of the time also means "enlargement" or "redesign". Capacities, technical equipment, and processes are "modernised" and the risk increases that the relocation will not go off without a hitch without undesired side-effects.

We, at noventum, are masters of data centre relocation from planning, via commissioning, all the way to production. In a long series of sophisticated relocation projects, we have developed a high degree of professionalism and nowadays rely on an extensive treasure trove of experience.

We manage the complexity of your relocation project, the pragmatically and results-oriented planning and organising. Our standardised methodologies ensure an optimal cost/benefit ratio for you.

Upon request, we will provide you with concrete reference projects and put you in touch with our satisfied customers!

noventum Data Centre Relocation
Cloud consulting

Cloud Computing en Route to become Standard

Why operate systems on your own hardware at your own data centre when these can also be mapped in the cloud? Cloud computing is another option as to how you can operate your IT with the help of specialised service providers without ever completely relinquishing control. 

The degree of service and maturity of cloud providers has by now increased such that well-known companies are already pursuing and operating a parallel cloud strategy. In the outsourcing market, a multitude of providers are competing for your business.

We, at noventum, have been familiar with the development in the cloud market for many years already and provide you with consulting that benefits from our broad project experience. We are experts in all technical questions and have already prepared your new role as cloud controller for you.

In this, our focus is not just on the pure relocation but on the overall concept with all process adjustments and considerations of the business processes. As such, your IT is, upon the conclusion of the migration, able to respond independently to new requirements and able to control the new providers.

Additional information regarding cloud computing at novum online:

noventum Cloud Consulting
noventum Cloud Consulting
Transition & transformation

The noventum IT technology consultants support you in Post Merger Integration projects as well as other technological "large events" in the merger and harmonisation of your IT production infrastructures. Transition & transformation have become a collective term for this important process phase in which considerable technical know-how is required.

The scope of our consulting services ranges from the analysis of the IT infrastructures via the management of the consolidation and the architectural design of the target landscape all the way to the migration as well as the rundown of the old environments.

The objective is [to create] a harmonised IT system landscape for the new, merged company.

Additional information regarding transition & transformation at novum online:

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