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Microsoft sharePoint
Microsoft sharePoint


Are you a newcomer to SharePoint or are you migrating from an older version and updating your capabilities? The implementation of or migration to a Microsoft SharePoint is not trivial and the support of an experienced SharePoint consultant gives you security. No matter whether you prefer SharePoint on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid form, the noventum consultants are at your side and know how to do it.

No matter whether you migrate to SharePoint 2019 or SharePoint online, whether you are migrating from SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 or even from SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016: in an agile process, we develop your future SharePoint platform together with you.


Is your SharePoint farm outdated and no longer maintainable? We upgrade your SharePoint environment to the latest version (SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 or Online) so that users are able to take advantage of the latest functions and access SharePoint as a mobile platform. In this, your contents and data remain usable without interruption.

A SharePoint migration is demanding and harbours some risks, as it often touches on strategically important and central processes and data. The planning and preparation of the migration takes up a substantial part of the time needed. The more thorough and anticipatory the planning, the lower the risks and friction losses will be in the end.


Microsoft SharePoint is sophisticated and the expenditure for the successful operation of the platform is not low. After the roll-out, it must be administered by the company's own parties responsible for IT and filled with content.  It is therefore important to integrate future administrators and key users into the implementation project right from the start and to qualify them for their future tasks with a comprehensive transfer of know-how.

noventum is working with agile methods of project development. This ensures that, at the end, the SharePoint solution you want to work with is created. Right from the start and in every project phase, the customers are intensively involved and contribute their know-how, their wishes and their ideas to the planning.

The implementation of your Microsoft SharePoint solution with noventum:

  • Agile approach: With the help of “user stories”, the development of the concept can be started. This way, our consultants gain an overview of the requirements of the customer and its employees. The advantage is that current processes are not stopped, but the new software is set up and developed from the concrete state.
  • Iterative development: Thanks to repetitions of the use cases, errors can be corrected and adjustments can be made. Both the customer and the service provider work jointly on the further development of the project. The customer gets a better understanding of the IT system right from the start and his change requests can be considered directly.
  • Employee involvement: If all employees who will later be involved are included in the kick-off meeting for the implementation of the new platform, this promotes the acceptance of the new software down the line. The more varied and the better the information for our consultants is, the more precisely they can build a tool that is suitable to do justice to all people and areas of application.
  • Individual extension with the help of our SharePoint developers: A lot of our customer projects contain concrete requirements that cannot be mapped from the software’s standard. In this scenario, our consultants become active and try to develop a migration-capable solution with the customer, which – of course – is modelled after best practice methods. Our IT developers then design the best possible solution.


noventum is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has extensive experience with Microsoft SharePoint projects. Our consultants are familiar with the many possible applications and actively incorporate them into every project. We know what works and how to do it. Even after the SharePoint implementation, be it on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud, we support our customers with

  • Admin trainings
  • User trainings
  • Communication of best practices from other companies.


The decision for one of the possible variants of Microsoft SharePoint depends, among other things, on your IT architecture and your IT strategy.

  • SharePoint on-premises: Microsoft SharePoint is installed in the existing IT environment. For this, licences and infrastructure measures are necessary. The data can be located completely at the customer’s. However, the latter must also provide the infrastructure and personnel know-how for this.
  • SharePoint in the cloud: the online-based software is, for example, included in the Microsoft 365 package. Infrastructure and know-how are purchased in full.
  • SharePoint as a hybrid form: Online and offline functions, thanks to the connection of an existing internal data center and the Microsoft 365 suite. In this, the path can lead into the public cloud (operated by AWS or Microsoft Azure) or the private cloud.

The decision for one of these three paths lies with the customer. In most cases, the cloud-based software Microsoft Office 365 is already available, which already includes the licenses for Microsoft SharePoint. This differs in case of the on-premises variant: the license for SharePoint still has to be purchased and the infrastructure is administratively managed in your environment.

The noventum SharePoint consultants have project experience and know-how in all things SharePoint. They are familiar with the multitude of application possibilities of the Microsoft solution and their integration into your business processes.

Optimise the cooperation possibilities in your company with the Microsoft SharePoint software and benefit from the experience of our consultants in this forward-looking project.



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