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Persis GmbH has been developing powerful software solutions for human resources management since 1987 and, with over one million users, is today one of the technology leaders in the HR sector. The unique selling proposition and the basis of its success has always been to optimally support your individual business processes with Persis software and to design your workflows in HR management in a process-oriented manner. At Persis, the motto "Sky is the Limit" has always applied. Because what began as a small two-man company has today developed into a big player in the field of HR software solutions. Keeping the customer benefit in mind at all times and with a clear vision to facilitate the HR work of its own customers with individual HR software, Persis is today one of the leading HR software providers in Europe. And while terms such as "customer centricity" or, simply put, customer benefit, have only come into focus for some companies since the beginning of the corona pandemic, Persis GmbH has been working and living by these principles for 35 years.

"35 years of company existence. We can be proud of that," said Persis Managing Director Katja Kolb during her speech at the recent summer party, which also marked the 35th anniversary of Persis GmbH. "After all, on average, companies only live to be 9 years old and only every seventh company reaches the age of 30," Ms Kolb continued. "Soon there will be almost 30 Persisians who have been working at Persis for over 10 years. In total, there are over 565 years of knowledge working at Persis. 565 years of concentrated know-how. This not only makes us proud, but also gives us the drive and motivation to do our best for our customers every day!"

35 years in which Persis GmbH has presented itself as your strong and reliable partner when it comes to the digitalisation of HR processes. We facilitate your internal processes and your HR-related procedures and never forget to put the most important driving force in the foreground: Your employees and the people behind the employee number. Because focusing on human resources is more important than ever in today's world, where everyone is desperately searching for the best employees. But when numbers instead of people come to the fore, it's bad for everyone involved. What has driven Persis every day for 35 years is to put people first with our wide range of HR services. That means: People instead of numbers or Humans instead of Resources. How do we succeed in this? For 35 years, by moving forward digitally together with our numerous clients and transforming analogue stumbling blocks into digital opportunities. According to the motto "think big, start small", Persis offers everything companies need for their digital HR management. With our modules (HR Manager, Applicant Management, Training Manager, Further Education, HR Development, HR Reporting and Digital Personnel File), we not only digitise your processes in all areas of HR management, but have also been making you fit for the digital world throughout for 35 years. 35 years in which we have grown together with our customers and our tasks, but never forgetting our roots and our passion. Because what drives us forward every day out of a passion for the HR sector is to constantly make our customers' lives easier with our modular HR solution. Our greatest gift to each of our customers for 35 years has therefore been "time". Because through our work we give you time. Time for the important things in your business: time for your employees, your customers and for your why. That means time for what drives you and for what makes your company as special as it is individual. For 35 years, this has been the greatest reward of our work: not only making our customers' work easier every day, but also breaking down analogue barriers with a digital mindset and turning them into new opportunities. 35 years is a long time, but it's only the beginning. We are looking forward to the next 35 years and especially to continuing to make your HR management digitally fit for the future together with you. Because the key to success is always to work with and not against the times, and that is exactly what Persis stands for.


HR + Digital = Be successful with Persis. With our 35 years of expertise, we make your HR process fit for the challenges of the digital world. Our vision then as now: to focus on the employee and the person behind the employee number and at the same time give you more time for your essentials. Because with our modular HR systems, we not only make your everyday work easier, but also give you more time for what drives you and for what makes your company so special and unique. For 35 years, working with Persis has meant working with time, not against it.

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