AGRAVIS expands its human resource management processes with PERSIS HRM standard software

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Modern personnel work at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG – the mandatory followed by the voluntary

Steady growth and mergers present human resource departments with enormous challenges. On the path from "administrating" to proactive consulting in terms of human resource management, the requirements posed to modern human resource management processes as well as analysis and planning functionalities are growing. As such, AGRAVIS - with the help of noventum consulting - initially started to look for an HRM standard solution with the objective of being able to take care of a large share of current and expected future requirements. Once the fitting solution was found with PERSIS, additional requirements were implemented, for instance with the "digital personnel file", the "employee life-cycle" process, and the integration of processes that are usually foreign to HR. Today, the AGRAVIS human resource department works with a modern solution for the quite often automated mapping of the human resource management processes.

As partner in rural areas, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is one of the largest and most profitable agro, trading and service companies in Germany. With currently approx. 6,300 employees at around 300 locations and revenues of far beyond 7 billion Euros, the human resource support is carried out centrally from the main locations of Münster and Hanover.

The Initial Situation

Jointly with noventum consulting GmbH, the HR management product from PERSIS, with the modules Job Applicant Management, Human Resource Development, Employee Development with automated management bonus calculation, and Human Resource Manager, had already been selected and implemented at an earlier point in time. The import of the master data from the PAISY accounting system was implemented at that time as well.

An estimated 60 to 70 percent of the requirements that had been defined as relevant in the human resource department of AGRAVIS had already been mapped to satisfaction with this.

After the successful implementation of the modules mentioned, it was not time to assess, prioritise, and implement necessary enhancements.

The project objective

The stated project objective was to make day-to-day work in the human resource department easier through automated processes and the expansion of the standard by AGRAVIS-specific requirements, and to valorise the strategic consulting quality of the human resource department. In this, additional developments were to be carried out within the PERSIS standard.

Project results

Therefore, the decision was made to migrate the existing system for the digital personnel file (Hyperdoc by IQDoQ) to the digital personnel file by PERSIS. In order to be able to use the digital personnel file even more sensibly in day-to-day business, an interface to an in-house scan tool was developed that automatically reads out the employees as well as the file structure of the respective file types at run time. Once the document that is to be submitted to the employee's digital file has been categorised, it is either processed in the scan tool via "drag and drop", or digitised via the scanner at the workplace. Today, scanned documents can be submitted to PERSIS automatically and attached to the relevant personnel file.

Something that is particular to this enhancement is that the document can be categorised as "relevant to remuneration". Therewith, it is presented to the responsible payroll accountant who then utilises it for the processing of the change in remuneration (salary, working hours, follow-up, etc.). The whole process is documented audit-proof.

In the future, in another function, a follow-up for sent, but not yet counter-signed contractual document is to be implemented at this time.

In addition to the "technical" implementation of the digital personnel file by PERSI, noventum consulting has also supported the necessary adjustment of the organisational makeup within the human resource department. During this time, business processes were also discussed, documented, and optimised.

Relevant for AGRAVIS was also an enhancement in the area of staff appraisals. In addition to the electronic documentation of the objectives, agreements relevant to remuneration are also made. After the final evaluation, these can be submitted automatically to payroll accounting.

Additionally, in the area of temporary staff, a tool for executives was implemented as self-service, in order to optimise the administration of numerous temporary employment contracts at AGRAVIS. In this, master data can be recorded easily, and the creation, workflow-based approval and sending of temporary employment contracts is automated. An evaluation function rounds out the overall process for the temporary employment contracts.

Increasingly, processes foreign to HR are served from within PERSIS. As such, PERSIS automatically determines data that is of relevance to accruals in controlling. Topics such as overtime to be compensated, remaining days of leave, variable parts of the remuneration (profit-sharing bonuses, commissions, as well as other special payments) as well as severance payments must be taken into account in the calculation of the necessary accruals. Upon electronic release by the respective responsible party, PERSIS provides these to the controlling department reliably and automatically.

Summary and outlook

The decision-makers at AGRAVIS are very happy with the phased further development of their HRM landscape. "We value noventum as a reliable consulting partner – innovative and capable of corresponding implementation. We are looking forward to the things that we are yet to put in motion together," said Martina Manhold and Dieter Horn, "PERSIS" project managers at AGRAVIS. Expressly praised by the decision-makers of AGRAVIS has also been the cooperation with the consultants of noventum consulting. "Technically and functionally, the project was in the best hands at all times!"


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