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For secure and economical operation of their own IT in the AWS cloud, companies use the expertise of certified partners such as noventum consulting

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For many companies, the use of cloud services is an established standard. However, the barriers to entry are still high. Lack of experience and uncertainty as to whether cloud use is the right path for one's own business suggest consulting with an experienced expert. Large cloud providers such as Amazon or Microsoft leave the consulting business to partners whose expertise they can vouch for. Amazon has high requirements for certified partner status and has systematically laid these down in its AWS partner model. noventum consulting is an AWS cloud partner and has proven its expertise in various projects, for example for Deutsche Bahn (DB Regio Bus).

AWS Partner Network for the Thoughtful Partner Search

In the competition of public clouds, Amazon with its AWS cloud is one of the largest worldwide and offers a considerable spectrum of different IT resources and services. This includes topics such as computing power, storage options, databases or even security solutions. When taking their first step into the cloud, companies are often overwhelmed by this wide range of offers and look for cloud consulting specialists to help them get started or implement a use case in AWS in the best possible way. They lack their own migration experience and expertise to ensure secure operation in the cloud. Often, the question arises in advance whether the step into the public cloud is the right thing for the respective application landscape in connection with, for example, CRITIS requirements. For such cases, AWS has established the AWS Partner Program. The AWS partner website documents in detail and systematically for which aspects of AWS use its partners are set. Interested parties can thus find the right AWS partner based on location, industry or specific expertise, for example.

Worldwide expertise in the AWS Partner Network (APN)

APN is the global community of partners that use Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services for customers. The community currently consists of more than 100,000 partners in 150 different countries. Using their knowledge and resources, they can create, offer and also sell customer offerings. In doing so, APN participants can choose from five AWS partner paths that best align with their own customer offerings. These consist of software, hardware, services, training and sales. However, AWS partners are not bound to a single path. They have the option of participating in all paths if their own offering portfolio is designed for this. For example, they can develop SaaS solutions, conduct training or produce hardware that can communicate with the AWS environment.

In order to be able to differentiate companies in the partner network even better according to their level of knowledge and qualifications, there are three partner levels: Select, Advanced and Premier. Depending on the number of certifications as well as the projects carried out and sales achieved in the AWS context, there is the possibility of further advancement.

Software Hardware Services Training Vertrieb
Develop software that works in the AWS environment. Hardware Development Offer services such as consulting or managed services.

Offer and organise AWS training courses.

Recruitment of partners for the resale of AWS services.

noventum Consulting in the AWS partner program

noventum consulting GmbH has been active in the AWS sector since 2017 and is accordingly also registered in the AWS APN programme. Thanks to targeted AWS partner initiatives and an increased focus on the cloud in the corporate strategy, AWS Select Partner status was achieved in 2022.

To advance to the AWS Select level, some conditions had to be met.

  • noventum consultants have successfully passed AWS certification exams in the areas of "Technical" and "Business".
  • Successfully completed AWS projects had to be deposited in the APN in order to document certain annual sales for the respective stage.
  • In addition, there was the possibility to provide published customer references in the APN as well as contributions from satisfied customers. These could not only be used to increase awareness, but are also a condition for advancement to the next level later on.

The project sales and references are reset annually in the APN and the certificates must also be renewed every three years. Thus, it must be continuously checked whether all conditions for the respective APN level are still fulfilled or which hurdles still have to be overcome for the next higher level in order to continue to be listed in the AWS partner search in the future.

»For support with Amazon Cloud AWS use, noventum consulting is the right choice. Our consultants have been familiar with AWS for many years and have proven their expertise in large and small projects. Through AWS certifications and diverse further training, we are always up to date and bring our knowledge to their cloud projects for the benefit of our customers.«

Rainer Pielnik

Senior Consultant
Cloud Architect

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