"Because we have a responsibility" - noventum develops sustainability concept and signs Microsoft Partner Pledge

Ecology, sustainability, diversity and the future of the digital world in view

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Like many other partner companies, noventum consulting has signed the Microsoft "Act to accelerate". With this paper, Microsoft is making a statement about the future of the digital world, in which the IT economy can and wants to make a significant contribution. The terms innovation, trust, culture, sustainability and empowerment mark the framework for the Microsoft Partner Pledge. In a detailed concept, noventum sets its own impulses on the topic of sustainability.

Sustainability as a central theme of the IT industry

"As a Microsoft partner based in Germany, we share Microsoft's global vision of empowering every person and every business on the planet to achieve more. Together, Microsoft and its partner network can and already do shape many things."

This is the beginning of the statement that noventum and many other companies have signed. The companies share with Microsoft the enthusiasm for the possibilities of transformative technologies and their benefits for partners, common customers as well as society as a whole. At the same time, they are aware of the scope that the associated industrial change entails. The statement defines 5 sub-points that Microsoft and its partners are aligned to achieve: Innovation - Trust - Sustainability - Culture - Empowerment.

We are Digital Optimists - for 25 years

The consultants at noventum call themselves "digital optimists" and have been putting this phrase into practice in their corporate culture for many years. The noventum company mission states: "We bring optimism into the digital working world and design IT and organisation in the sense of people and for the benefit of our customers. " noventum Managing Director Uwe Rotermund is pleased: "With this, we formulated a claim for ourselves years ago that can also be found today in the Microsoft "Act to accelerate". As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are happy to sign this statement!"


The invitation to sign the Microsoft Partner Pledge comes at a good time for noventum. The Münster-based management consultants have already been discussing a sustainability concept for their own company for several months. In a voluntary working group, they are working out what contribution noventum can make to an ecological, social and economic future.

The noventum sustainability concept brings together many threads that have already been of great importance for the cohesion and value orientation of "novis" in the past.

  • Since its inception (*1996), noventum has specifically promoted culture and education in the region.
  • The distinct employee orientation of the company's management is a brand in its own right: noventum is a "Great Place to Work®".
  • In the campaign "noventum shows its colours", employees and management have repeatedly supported diversity, refugees and flood victims - with money and personal commitment.

From big goals and concrete measures

The noventum sustainability concept is based on the 17 UN goals for sustainability, uses them as inspiration and implements them with its own resources.

Graphic: https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/nachhaltigkeitspolitik/nachhaltigkeitsziele-verstaendlich-erklaert-232174


Subdivided into the areas of ecology, social affairs and economy, this results in very concrete measures such as

  • the reduction of energy consumption in the office and mobility, the sustainable use of computer hardware (an important topic for an IT consultancy!), the considered consumption of natural resources (advertising material)
  • Targeted spending on social commitment and sponsoring (1% of annual turnover), personal commitment to committees and initiatives (IT Forum, Citizens' Foundation, Diplomatic Council), commitment to educational institutions and promotion of MA continuing education
  • Employee participation in the strategic development of the company, promotion of the Great Place to Work® initiative, high-quality implementation of client projects, promotion of open and cooperative exchange between employees and managers (corporate culture)

The noventum sustainability project is designed as an open discussion and working group and works in an agile manner. The implementation of concrete measures is "pulled" and driven forward by individual employees. KPIs (key performance indicators) help to maintain an overview. These are defined annually by the team and adjusted as needed. A sustainability report will be published for the first time this year and in the future will regularly give an account of the status of sustainability at noventum with concrete figures.

Participation in the sustainability team is voluntary for all. Through maximum transparency and emphatic communication within the company, all employees are informed at all times and invited to participate as well.

A Strong Motivation

At one of the first meetings of the sustainability team, the colleagues summarised why they wanted a sustainability concept for noventum. The keywords mentioned brought it to the point:

  • Because we want to.
  • Because we have a responsibility.
  • Because it helps others and us.
  • Because it encourages others to start.
  • Because it is increasingly important for the industry.
  • Because you can be proud of it and show it.

Frank Petersen, Human Resources Manager and Member of the Executive Board, feels the tailwind for sustainability issues: "At noventum, we have always actively engaged with the world in which we work. Our industry is a success industry and we have always felt that it is good to give something back. The nice thing is, it's also a lot of fun and strengthens us as a team."

Do good and talk about it - initial enquiries from customers confirm how great the need is to position oneself as a company in a sustainable way and to do so as credibly and concretely as possible. Lukas Brinkmeyer, who works at noventum in the business unit IT Strategy Consulting, reports: "Our concept is simple and convincing. I have already presented to a number of clients how we at noventum approach the topic of sustainability and have received a lot of interest for my presentation. In probably every company there are already approaches and ideas on how to make the world more ecological, more social and thus more sustainable. You just have to do it. "

Weitere Informationen

Thank you for your interest in noventum's corporate culture!

If you would like to learn more about sustainability at noventum, you can find more here in the future. Our sustainability project is constantly evolving and we will continue to report on it in the future.

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