Big goals, small steps - giving the company orientation with OKRs and ZielNavigator®.

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From medium-sized businesses to start-ups - the everyday life of many companies is in flux due to demographic changes or other economically relevant factors, and it is an ongoing task to constantly align practical work with goals and to readjust them based on practical experience. Employee participation is part of the guiding principle of many companies. In order to be able to live this principle, it helps to have a well thought-out concept and often the support of appropriate software that provides a framework for everyday work. OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) and "ZielNavigator®" are a successful combination for planning and controlling and are increasingly used in everyday business.

Counselling and own practice - two years ZielNavigator®

As an IT consultancy with a strong offer for change management, we repeatedly encounter clients in our consultancy projects who want to align their planning processes with modern management methods from the ground up and make the factor of goal setting and goal achievement an issue along the way. As a company, we are also repeatedly faced with this task ourselves and established the OKR (Objectives & Key Results) method at noventum a few years ago.

The more complex a company is, the more necessary it is to document the continuous comparison of objectives and key results and to map the evaluation process in a tool.

We have found this tool with the "ZielNavigator®". After two years of active use of the tool, we have included the software in the toolbox of our change consultancy and also recommend this smart tool to our clients.

»We were and are very grateful for this extremely lean and efficient tool. No feature is too much here as you experience with comparable software and the methodology is in focus. That's why the Target Navigator fits our requirements perfectly.«

Eva Branse

Deputy Managing Director

noventum consulting

OKR and ZielNavigator® in harmony

"Agile Corporate Management with Objectives & Key Results" is one of the prominent consulting topics of our organisational consulting. Many companies want to align work more strongly with strategic corporate goals and have had the best experiences with this management approach. The procedural linking of strategic planning and operational implementation makes it possible to involve employees directly. With a shared understanding of meaning, they can make an optimal contribution to the company's success," says corporate culture consultant Marc Schwellenbach, explaining noventum's consulting approach.  

What are the benefits of the ZielNavigator®?

The goal navigator documents the interaction of objectives and key results and is continuously supplied with data by employees or teams and thus used to monitor progress. The regular evaluation and discussion of work progress is the key to the software's usefulness. The following features are characteristic of this:

  • Logical individual consideration of departments or employees
  • Mutual perception and motivation (participatory and transparent)
  • Intuitive operation without time-consuming introductions
  • Work with core data of the company (turnover, profit, forecast)
  • Facilitated control through visibility of progress, blockages and outlooks
  • Transparency about the connections between strategic fields of action and operational goals and measures
  • Usable for working with OKR as well as any other target management methods


What features make the ZielNavigator® a smart tool?

  • Individual dashboards for each user/department
  • Precise mirroring of the company's own structures, processes and planning periods on the platform
  • Automated data transfer via (api) interface possible
  • Data in real time
  • Own domain, German hosted by ZN
  • Fast implementation (30 minutes) and free trial period
  • Quick overview of deadline compliance through traffic light system
  • Daily updated and simple presentation of the current status at the push of a button (pdf)


Companies are increasingly using participative management methods to achieve their goals. Objectives & Key Results are among the current methods and are enjoying growing popularity, especially in medium-sized companies. The ZielNavigator® is a great tool to support the process in a transparent and sustainable way.

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