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In certain specialised areas, classic corporate performance management tools successfully perform their duties. For this reason, the current solutions in the marketplace include numerous specialised CPM tools that have been designed to fulfil the requirements of a certain area of specialisation or a specific BI task.

The IT department is, therefore, often faced with a difficult decision: Should it allow for multiple CPM solutions or should it select a company-wide solution that provides an insufficient range of functions for some departmental requirements. Version 1 causes high costs and higher administrative efforts, whereas version 2 inevitably leads to dissatisfied users. Especially in connection with the information processing for business intelligence (BI), this scenario is an eyesore for any IT decision-maker.

The "CPM Excellence Suite" cuts the Gordian knot and - as a universal CPM tool - covers the whole BI spectrum (planning and reporting). Additionally, the CPM Excellence Suite is primarily targeted at larger companies and groups of companies. Therefore, scaling and adapting the implemented solution are an option at any time, without a problem. This way, you establish a powerful and future-proof CPM for the whole company.


With the CPM Excellence Suite, you are leaving behind the traps posed by planning with limited software (e. g. Excel). The times in which you painstakingly had to distribute and collect your planning in individual files, manually maintain planning versions, or settle for an inflexible modelling are a thing of the past. This way, your planning becomes quicker and your plan figures more reliable.

Functional highlights:

  • Standardised, central, and secure data management
  • Flexible, continuous adjustment of the planning model
  • Multi-user scenarios of more than 100 parallel users
  • Workflow control of the planning process
  • Discretionary versions for the simulation of changed conditions
  • Automated aggregations in order to consolidate partial plannings
  • Consistency checks of Content


Under the hood, there is best-of-breed technology from MicroStrategy (for reporting and analysis) and Thinking Networks (for planning), that was integrated in a single user interface for the CPM Excellence Suite. As such, switching between the different tools is a thing of the past. Additionally, it is quite easy for MicroStrategy or Thinking Networks customers to upgrade their existing systems to the CPM Excellence Suite.


With the CPM Excellence Suite, you receive the benchmark for reporting and analysis.

Functional highlights:

  • Scorecards & dashboards
  • Enterprise reporting 
  • OLAP Analysis 
  • Visual data Exploration 
  • Advanced & predictive Analysis 
  • Alerts & proactive notification transactional (write back)



The CPM Excellence Suite is a software solution that resulted from the partnership of MicroStrategy, noventum consulting and Thinking Networks. In addition to the software and data integration, the cooperation between these three partners is also working well. For this reason, the consultants of noventum are your point of contact throughout the whole project (one face to the customer); they will be at your side from project planning though implementation all the way to the go-live. But, depending on the requirements, experts from MicroStrategy or Thinking Networks can be added by noventum at any time. This way, you profit from a clear project responsibility and fixed points of contact.



The noventum partners:

MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) was founded 1989 and is one of the leading global manufacturers of enterprise software platforms. The company perceives it as its task to offer the most flexible, most powerful, most scalable, and most user-friendly platform for analytics and identity management, both on-premises as well as in the cloud. The utilisation of the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform™ helps companies worldwide to analyse enormous amounts of data and to communicate findings that are suitable for basing decisions on (by means of reports, dashboards, complex ad-hoc analyses, and powerful data visualisations) - companywide.

MicroStrategy Mobile expands this platform with the capability to create mobile applications that integrate multimedia, transactions, analytics, and personalised business processes. With the MicroStrategy Identity Platform™ (MicroStrategy Usher™), companies can develop a mobile high-security app for ensuring identities and authorisations. MicroStrategy Mobile enhances this platform with the ability to create mobile applications that integrate multimedia, transactions, analytics, and personalised business processes. With the MicroStrategy Identity Platform™ (MicroStrategy Usher™), companies can develop a mobile high-security app for ensuring identities and authorisations.


Thinking Networks (TN) is the expert for business planning and offers advanced solutions with the objective of providing its customers with a decisive competitive edge through better planning. With the TN Planning software and a committed consulting team, Thinking Networks has been fulfilling this mission for more than 40 years already. Thinking Networks is driving forward the evolution of the planning with future-oriented concepts and powerful, scalable software. Thinking Networks is sharing its know-how not only with its customers but is also providing market-wide inspiration through specialised articles, specialised presentations, webinars, and best-practice demonstrations.


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