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With which recipes can companies be controlled in a forward-looking and employee-oriented manner, so that the task of management and leadership is not just working but actually fun, making the person in charge of the company happy in the same way as the employees and customers, and ensuring commensurate successes? Uwe Rotermund, managing partner of noventum consulting GmbH, which in the past three years in a row was awarded as „Germany‘s Best Employer" by the Great Place to Work® Institute, is drawing up an interim balance after 20 years of business activity.

He is describing stories, thoughts and concepts of the culture of trust from a very personal point of view and is therewith providing valuable insights and impulses into how a company can be led, step-by-step, to an excellent business culture and thereby to holistic business success. The book wants to act as a provider of inspiration and ideas for company owners, employees, customers and partners, because it is based on the firm conviction that it is possible in our society to achieve quality of life and wealth if we manage to establish a trust-based business culture.


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