Industrial foremen and business administrators learn the 1 x 1 of digitalisation at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)

Uwe Rotermund teaches strategies for dealing with complexity

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Mastering the technology and methodology of the digital professional world is part of the armor of future managers in all industries. For some, this is a real challenge that also requires personal courage to embrace change. With Zert-Ex, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is promoting a corresponding continuing education program for future specialists and managers, which was conducted by the North Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Uwe Rotermund, change expert and "missionary" for a new leadership culture, opened up perspectives for an agile future to the training participants.

Digitalisation is more than computer technology

As documented in a detailed article in the current Wirtschaftsspiegel of the IHK Nord Westfalen (North Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce), some future master craftsmen or industrial foremen were surprised by all that is involved in the topic of "digitalisation." In addition to artificial intelligence, data protection and dealing with 3D printers, topics such as leadership style and dealing with complexity were also on the continuing education agenda. Uwe Rotermund, noventum managing director and expert for corporate culture, took the training participants on a journey into a digital and agile future. In the discussion of future management and organizational methods, some of the participants expressed doubts as to whether agility could also replace tight leadership from above in their day-to-day craft or industrial work. However, all of them had already experienced in one form or another that traditional management methods are often unable to cope with the rapidly changing challenges.

noventum consulting for the challenges of digital change

noventum organizational consulting for culture change management offers entrepreneurs and managers comprehensive consulting concepts for the further development of their organization in the digital world of work. From Agile Change Management to Collaboration and Knowledge Management to various formats of leadership development.  

Uwe Rotermund presented a new book on the topic of "Dealing with Complexity" last year published by Springer Gabler. In „Ausbruch aus der Komplexitätsfalle“ he describes in detail what future management can look like in times of great challenges and upheaval. In addition to a series of best practices from various companies, he documents in detail how he continually realigns his own company, noventum consulting, and makes it fit for the future. As a "guide to the self-organized collaboration model for managers and doers," the book is practice-oriented and aims to encourage managers to make their own experiences.  

Since a few days, the work is also available as an audio book.  


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