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A new logo for noventum consulting

After more than 10 years, noventum consulting has changed its company logo. This way, we want to express something that belongs to the topic at hand. Today, noventum consulting GmbH is a recognised IT management consulting firm. Our services reach the top management of our customers, our consultants are interim managers and bring large works into motion. Our subsidiaries and partners abroad are similarly prominently positioned in their markets. As such, it was a concern of ours for quite some time to reflect this development in our company logo.

A self-confident message

The new logo is an expression of two things: an unmistakable message and a strong logogram.

The word “noventum” is naturally visually placed in the foreground, strong, with straight lines, impossible to ignore even from a distance. The red colour has been the “noventum colour” from the beginning and also remains so. The subtitle, also referred to as “claim”, then puts it in a nutshell content­wise. We are an “IT Management Consulting” company. We provide consulting to the management of our customers in strategic developments and decisions. And we bring things to conclusion. Our consulting approach does not ignore the practice. To the contrary, we place a lot of value on being able to comprehensively accompany the projects of our customers. We like to take on responsibility. Here, it becomes clear. Last but not least, our company logo today is carrying a “logogram”, a symbolic and graphic representation with signal effect. The signal reads “Here we are, from noventum. Our consulting company has a distinctive hand”.

The future is based on change

And the old messages and old symbols? Each at its own time. Without melancholy, we say good-bye to “the art of business” – a claim that has provided us with many interested and interesting inquiries. Even the “handwritten” word noventum we still do like after all those years (it makes a reappearance as a “quote” in our logogram). But is has served its purpose. Even our other graphic design has long since become a completely new one over the course of the years. We started with a large area, coloured counterpoint set against blue and grey. We were different from other IT consulting firms which were solely technically oriented. This worked not only in the corporate design. Today, white areas with eye-catching pictures and sparse graphical elements dominate the picture.

Where we are going to be positioned 10 years from now and which symbols and colours our company will choose then to reach our customers, we do not know. But we are already looking forward to it.


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Dr. Matthias Rensing


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