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Personnel controlling is repeatedly faced with the task of producing valid analyses from heterogeneous data that can be found in different sources. Data acquisition and preparation make up a significant part of the effort that they have to invest. HR reporting and analysis often fall short of their capabilities because of technical and time restrictions. Many companies lack a connecting solution that collects their data for HR planning, harmonizes it and, without technical expertise, provides it reliably for any form of analysis and ad hoc queries. "noventum HR-Analytics" is such a solution for personnel planning.

Despite HR management systems, many questions often remain unanswered

The technical status of personnel controlling varies from company to company. The field of application of noventum HR-Analytics is correspondingly versatile.

Some companies have already consolidated the majority of their relevant HR key figures in a single HR management system, e.g. SAP HCM. Nevertheless, they are dissatisfied with the reporting and analysis capabilities of the existing solution. noventum HR-Analytics supports the HR controlling of these companies by providing optimized, address-oriented information to all users according to their respective authorizations and tasks. It does not matter whether it is report creation and distribution, interactive dashboards in self-service or free ad-hoc analyses are required. All these requirements are carried out in a time-efficient and fast manner and on the basis of coordinated, reproducible key figures.

The second group of companies sees their relevant HR key figures in distributed data sources. They benefit from all product features, but in particular from the possibility to consolidate all relevant HR data in one place for analysis: noventum HR-Analytics as a single point of truth for HR data (HR-SPOT).

noventum HR Analytics Single Point of Truth für HR-Daten

Heterogeneous applications, data silos and corporate structures as a challenge

The information technology applications that are important for personnel work are often extremely heterogeneous. Interfaces are usually implemented in order to map operative, interdependent processes consistently. Nevertheless, information that is important for personnel management remains in their respective systems.

Comprehensive HR suites promise to remedy this situation, but which organization succeeds in homogeneously mapping processes such as personnel management, time management, payroll accounting, recruiting and perhaps even learning? Even if the processes are mapped true to the system, cross-process analysis without manual, often Excel-supported integration of the data remains a desired picture. Even if the tendency towards SaaS solutions in the cloud is viewed positively, it does reinforce the trend towards mapping processes in data silos. The integration of individual process data into a leading operative system becomes very costly - and is not necessary.

Group structures are a further cost driver. Here, HR processes are often implemented multiple times and also differently. A particular challenge for reporting is the client-specific analysis and provision of information.


The single point of truth for personnel data is the HR Data Mart

At the core of the noventum HR Analytics solution is the HR Data Mart. On the one hand, the HR data is prepared in an analysis-optimised way, so that users without any previous technical knowledge can work with it. On the other hand, and this is the relevant component for the functionality of noventum HR-Analytics as HR-SPOT, the data from the different data sources are consolidated in the HR Data Mart.

The HR Data Mart represents a predefined data space including the necessary data management processes. Standard connectors exist for numerous data sources, such as SAP, Persis, Datev, and so on. For all other data sources, the architecture of the solution offers data integration possibilities, which are customized by noventum. Technically, noventum HR-Analytics is based on a freely expandable data warehouse built according to the noventum BI process model. It is predestined to consolidate heterogeneous information.

As a rule, the architecture of noventum HR-Analytics fits very well into the IT development plans. Personal data is generally not stored in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (E-DWH). The Single Point of Truth for HR data is therefore located next to the classic E-DWH, if available.


The benefits of noventum HR-Analytics at a glance

In the beginning there was the question of the benefit of noventum HR-Analytics for personnel controlling. Here is a summary for companies with a distributed HR data budget:

  • noventum HR-Analytics creates a Single Point of Truth (SPOT) for HR data by means of automated data management. Via this HR-SPOT, the solution provides standard reports, dashboards and analysis front-ends as well as excellent options for personnel requirements and personnel cost planning without technical hurdles and manual effort.

  • All HR evaluations throughout the company use the same database and uniform key figure definitions. This applies regardless of whether HR business partners and managers act in self-service or information is distributed centrally.
  • Assuming that approx. 80% of the time spent in HR controlling is spent on data preparation, this time and the quality-assured database is gained for the development of personnel targets, for the work on target/actual analyses, for the development of measures and their control.

noventum HR Analytics - the single point of truth for HR data.

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