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In addition to our activities in the Münsterland region regarding a trust-based company culture, we are also taking advantage of opportunities to discuss 21st century management style concepts in an international arena. As such, Uwe Rotermund recently spoke in Stockholm (Sweden) at the international meeting of HR organisations, to which the German Association for Personnel Management (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalmanagement e.V.) had extended an invitation, about the effect of the global mega trends on the work environment. Subsequently, experienced HR staff

from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark also shared their contributions. Based on this, all attendees were able to take home with them a lot of new ideas and important insights. This is particularly exciting, since it is well known that the Northern European states are considered world leaders in the areas of management and company culture. Here, learning from the best was the motto.

With the awarding of the prize to the "Best Workplaces in Europe" in Dublin (Ireland), Uwe Rotermund was asked to illustrate during the preceding conference his concepts regarding the topic of "controlling a Great Place to Work with the help of a strategic management system using EFQM" as an example. In this, he made it clear in front of the 200 attendees that, on the one hand, Great Place to Work is an excellent basis for a well and successfully managed company. He furthermore proposed the idea that it is necessary to achieve orientation and controlling via a holistic management system that is a fit to the claim of a culture of trust. Therefore, he focused on leading with trust and vision, but additionally also with clear processes and key performance indicators (KPIs). This topic received a lot of interest from the attendees. 

Best Employers in Münsterland Region received award

The victorious companies of the regional Great Place to Work® competition "Best Employers in the Münsterland Region 2013" have been determined. At the prize awarding on April 30th in Münster at the Aschendorff Media House, a total of 19 companies from the region received awards for their quality and attractiveness as employee-oriented employers. noventum consulting GmbH has initiated this Münsterland region competition and has supported it considerably. Uwe Rotermund, Managing Director of noventum consulting and, with his own company in the last few years multiple times the German prize winner in the national competition of the same name, congratulated the prize winners and was happy that the regional competition came to be. "A lot in our region is attractive and future-oriented. The competition has impressively illustrated how many very good employers there are, here!"

The benchmark competition "Best Employers in the Münsterland region" was held by the independent research institute Great Place to Work® Germany in cooperation with Münsterland e.V., the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW – Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft), the Westphalian News newspaper, and other partners. Among those congratulating was also the Lord Mayor of Münster, Markus Lewe.

After its very successful participation in the competition for multiple years, noventum consulting GmbH has now arrived at a different role. Uwe Rotermund and his staff consider themselves "ambassadors" of the basic idea of the competition. Through oratorical contributions and also through concrete consulting of interested companies, the Münsterland region consultants support the spirit of the "Great Place to Work".



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