SAP Turkey honours Anadolu Sigorta for her BI-investments with „Business Intelligence Project of the Year 2014“ award

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noventum consulting Turkey supports the winners in building a Business Intelligence Competence Center

Anadolu Sigorta, Turkish Insurance Sector Pioneer, is also demonstrating its difference with its investments into Information Technology and into employee’s development and wellbeing. While conducting quite a few projects last year, Anadolu Sigorta has eased the knowledge sharing, increased the trust in data and succeed in increasing the effectiveness of timely information usage.

Anadolu Sigorta has elevated its investments in the areas of Business Intelligence and Data Management after conducting a Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment with noventum Consulting. Following the maturity assessment, Anadolu Sigorta has formed industries first Business Intelligence Competency Center again with the consultancy of noventum.

Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment reviewed reporting and analytical systems, processes and organization in terms of:

  • Data Warehouse and supporting Technologies
  • Data Availability, Data Quality, Meta-Data
    Management and Data Governance
  • User Skill Levels and Organization
  • And Corporate Reporting Culture

Resulting assessment report included a roadmap and a detailed project plan to support company’s growth in to higher levels of business intelligence maturity.

With the goal of increasing its Business Intelligence Maturity levels beyond Turkey borders, Anadolu Sigorta formed a Management Reporting Unit “Yönetim Raporlaması Müdürlüğü” within business line and equipped it with the functions and abilities of Business Intelligence Competency Center. “As Business Intelligence Unit, part of the IT Solution Development Department, in order to support real-time, reliable, fast data access, we have setup a new operational reporting environment. This ODS (Operational Data Store) structure has enabled us to consolidate our best of breed insurance applications for reporting. This will be the strong base to support our data warehouse running analytical applications. While building a new reporting environment, our first priority were user requirements” says Kadri Yazar, Anadolu Sigorta, ICT Solution Development Division, Business Intelligence Unit Manager.

Business Intelligence Competency Center project has started with business line meetings to document the Operational and Analytical reporting requirements. Understanding business requirements and usage practices formed the base for standardization and elimination of duplications. In parallel, understanding business lead to serve the reports from appropriate environments, on a timely manner and dismiss extra effort on the runtime. As a result Anadolu Sigorta reporting inventory and report ownerships are established within a live report catalogue.

Providing data definitions and formulas on reporting front ends has increased user confidence significantly. As the main goal of the project was to set up sustainable, manageable and maintainable environments, much emphasize was given to the accomplishment of report ownership and data ownership with the company.        

“Within Anadolu Sigorta Transformation Program, one of the main components of our target architecture is a business intelligence platform that is effective, fast responding, user-friendly supporting all vertical business requirements.

In order to reach that goal, we realized that we needed to increase user’s reporting Know-how, change our governance approach, further increase our reporting processes maturity and improve our operational reporting infrastructures technical architecture.  With these in mind, our project has produced organizational, procedural and technological outputs as the initial step of the ultimate goal.

Now, we have a business intelligence competency center that is responsible for central management and governance, an inventory that accounts vertical business requirements, a corporate business data dictionary and report catalogue that we keep alive, processes that are defined and put into action with continues improvements and a operational data pool that is fed real-time through all available data sources as the single version of truth for all reporting tools. All steps for our target architecture that will be built on this foundation“, said Mr. Alper Özer, ICT Solution Development Division Manager.

Business glossary governance is one of the functions of Management Reporting Department, as well as the central management of all business intelligence demands. In order to serve this critical role and fulfill assigned functions to up most excellence, Management Reporting Department’s employee’s trainings and development are planned. Development of user skills are secured as part of their role.

In summary, benefits that were achieved with the formation of Business Intelligence Competency Center are:

  • A new reporting environment is created to support users to analyze results instead of spending time to create and/or format data. By doing so manual reporting effort and errors of reporting minimized.
  • Publishing business terminology glossary and providing transparency on calculation methods and formulas, has increased the trust in reports, eliminating data inconsistency and enabling single version of truth within the company.
  • Data ownership is established, contributing to data being an asset that empowers the company in innovation and strengthen its position in completion is further supported.
  • Business Intelligence Competency Center supported user’s understanding of operational reports versus analytical reports and therefore lead to the development of advance analytic practices.

Anadolu Sigorta has won “Business Intelligence Project of the Year 2014” award from SAP Turkey for its investments into Business Intelligence domain and to the formation of Business Intelligence Competency Center.

As noventum Consulting, we are very proud to be part of this successful project and wish the best for Anadolu Sigorta in coming years.

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