In recent months, the Corona crisis has forced many institutions to review their processes. Home office has become the norm for many, and many a classic meeting or event has been held online with appropriate software. The Microsoft 365 tools are therefore on everyone's lips, as they are quickly available and in their extended use almost cost-neutral. However, some companies are still unsure of the benefits they can derive from the O365 applications. Webinars or even large events can be planned very easily with an automated registration process. With the help of Microsoft Teams, Power Automate and Forms, all the prerequisites are in place for a live team event to which up to 10,000 internal or external participants can register.


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The merging of companies, the outsourcing of parts of a company or the transfer of individual core processes to a service provider - corporate IT is directly or indirectly involved in all these complex processes. Sometimes it is even the direct and exclusive scene of the action. As different as companies are, as diverse are the necessary steps they have to take on their way to each other or away from each other. Tried and tested plans, checklists and process models facilitate the demanding job that IT managers have to do after the merger.

Personnel controlling is repeatedly faced with the task of producing valid analyses from heterogeneous data that can be found in different sources. Data acquisition and preparation make up a significant part of the effort that they have to invest. HR reporting and analysis often fall short of their capabilities because of technical and time restrictions. Many companies lack a connecting solution that collects their data for HR planning, harmonizes it and, without technical expertise, provides it reliably for any form of analysis and ad hoc queries. "noventum HR-Analytics" is such a solution for personnel planning.

For the seventh time in a row, the magazine brand eins and the statistics company Statista have presented a detailed study on the performance of management consultancies. noventum consulting is among the best in this study. In a detailed special issue entitled "Consulting", brand eins presents the study.

Major technical innovations can really upset a company. If "everything has worked well so far", the employees of companies used to success often experience the introduction of Office 365 as a collaboration platform as a general attack on "their" working environment. The rollout of such an innovation requires more than the usual project management, as the concrete work of all employees is affected. 

The change from classic office work to completely decentralized teams is accelerating massively in times of "social distance". The measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) show the old system its limits. Employers must go digital with immediate effect and must not lose sight of the social aspects. 

Even if the new IT provider and the customer have already worked together successfully in previous years, the renewed service takeover after a provider intermezzo is still not a piece of cake and can become a lesson. noventum consulting has accompanied such a case in an advisory capacity and the realization on all sides after successful project completion is: the combination of a provider change with extensive system changes must not be overstretched if time pressure is high at the same time.