Prinzipalmarkt Münster, Foto: Presseamt

Is agility also a method for public administrations? Münster's Lord Mayor Markus Lewe wanted to know and, with the help of noventum, started an agile working group to tackle the major challenges facing his administration. In the nc360° interview, he explains why the future must be more agile.

Through intensive workshops, noventum consulting supported the internationally operating logistics company from Osnabrück in the professionalisation and further development of its Objectives & Key Results for the company's own IT.

noventum supported the Ahlen-based company with agile project management know-how and Microsoft expertise in setting up an intranet for national and international corporate communications.

With agile project organization and Microsoft SharePoint expertise, noventum consultants were successful with the "Friends of Crafts".

Cathalog GmbH relies on Microsoft Collaboration Software and has had resounding experiences with agility.

The leading European consulting, planning and project management company relies on noventum HR planning solution.

With Microsoft 365® and elaborate organisation, the IHK Nord Westfalen is conducting the IHK regional competition "Jugend forscht" digitally for the first time. noventum Teams consultants ensure the technical process.

Digital collaboration from the home office increases the pressure for companies to take the GDPR seriously. The requirements are not new, but the end of the Privacy Shield regulation sets facts that companies can no longer ignore.

In a large-scale change project, the IT oft he WBS GRUPPE developed new principles for its own work. Communication, performance and employee satisfaction were to be promoted in equal measure.

The software comparison portal selects the most popular HR software providers in the DACH region. For the HR Analytics category, noventum consulting represents the overall winner in the categories of customer satisfaction, usability and price-performance ratio.

As a replacement for outdated hospital software, Klinikum Osnabrück will in future rely on Microsoft SharePoint for its complex data management. With the support of noventum's SharePoint experts, the extensive change was successfully implemented.

With OSPlus_neo, Kreissparkasse Düsseldorf is increasingly focusing on digital customer communication. In a workshop, the board of directors and management worked on the future orientation of the bank in the open air in a Corona-like manner.

LBS West relies on the noventum HR-Analytics Data Mart for its personnel and inventory planning. Organization Manager Norbert Herwig is pleased about the increased flexibility of "long-term planning based on noventum HR-Analytics".

Pandemic and lockdown have presented many PMI projects with huge challenges. The PMI consultants of noventum consulting have accompanied such a project and gained surprising insights.

For the organization of project management, sales and quality management, TECE uses the SharePoint online communication platform and is gradually introducing Microsoft technology with these components.

Digital transformation is relevant for all companies. The transformation process should be carefully prepared in order to identify unnecessary sources of error and convert them into success factors.

nc360°-Titelbild zum Artikel »Testmanagement in agilen Softwareprojekten«

In software development, tests are finally planned. Combining test management with the requirements of an agile organisation is a methodical challenge, but also holds many opportunities.

IT system integration as a result of a merger or acquisition often remains incomplete for a long time. Smaller special applications "survive" the standardization without being integrated into the target system. This is usually pragmatic and useful, but involves unknown costs and risks. The principle "one company - one IT system" suggests the decision: switch off or integrate.

Collaboration platforms are very important for many companies, whether for internal communication or for collaboration with partners and customers. The Microsoft products Teams and SharePoint serve these needs with different focuses and work well together. But they cannot replace each other.

Drees & Sommer, a consulting and planning company based in Stuttgart and specialized in construction and real estate, is taking the next step in capacity and personnel cost planning. noventum consulting was commissioned to introduce noventum HR-Planning, a component of the noventum HR-Analytics Suite.