Microsoft Teams, Power Automate and Forms are sufficient to host a live team event for up to 10,000 participants. Some companies still ask for help the "first time" and then start a new era of their corporate communications. Forced but also inspired by Corona, digital events and meetings for up to 10,000 participants are already being held in many industries.

The sooner the IT managers are involved in the merger process, the more confident they can act. The merging of companies, the outsourcing of parts of a company or the transfer of individual core processes to a service provider - corporate IT is directly or indirectly involved in all these complex processes. Sometimes it is even the direct and exclusive scene of the action. Experience and process plans from previous mergers help to prepare one's own process well.

Personnel controlling is repeatedly faced with the task of producing valid analyses from heterogeneous data that can be found in different sources. HR reporting and analysis often fall short of their capabilities because of technical and time restrictions. Many companies lack a connecting solution that collects their data for HR planning, harmonizes it and, without technical expertise, provides it reliably for any form of analysis and ad hoc queries. "noventum HR-Analytics" is such a solution for personnel planning.

For the seventh time in a row, the magazine brand eins and the statistics company Statista have presented a detailed study on the performance of management consultancies. noventum consulting is among the best in this study. In a detailed special issue entitled "Consulting", brand eins presents the study.

Major technical innovations can really upset a company. If "everything has worked well so far", the employees of companies used to success often experience the introduction of Office 365 as a collaboration platform as a general attack on "their" working environment. The rollout of such an innovation requires more than the usual project management, as the concrete work of all employees is affected. Managers and project participants should set the course for communication and commonality in a broad-based change management workshop before the technical and cultural change begins.

The change from classic office work to completely decentralized teams is accelerating massively in times of "social distance". The measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) show the old system its limits. Employers must go digital with immediate effect and must not lose sight of the social aspects. The inflexible workplace with desktop PCs is old hat and companies must rethink. Despite all the agility and flexibility that has already been developed in some cases, it is still necessary to constantly develop further. The digital networking of employees is a valuable asset that is increasingly coming into focus. What many companies lack is a plan.

Provider changes are often very complex. Some companies also try to make various technical changes when changing the service provider. This increases the complexity and brings additional question marks into the process of handover. This also applies if the "new" provider is actually an "old" acquaintance and knows the system landscape he is allowed to look after again. If a takeover is overloaded in this way, a process interruption and a second attempt may be necessary. noventum has accompanied such a case and the insight of all parties involved is: professionalism proves itself above all in dealing with errors and crises.

Microsoft SharePoint has been a synonym for contemporary collaboration for several years. Many companies are trying to implement these diverse offerings in a "big bang" and replace their existing applications. However, success often fails to materialise and the introduction of SharePoint fails due to resistance within the organisation. A step-by-step introduction and replacement of old systems is the more cautious alternative, which often brings more success and gradually changes corporate communications.

Experts from the human resources sector were invited to pursue the question of what digitalization does to work, how it questions values, orientations and solutions and turns them upside down. Until late in the evening the participants of the conference discussed New Pay, AI in the handling of personnel data, modern personnel requirements planning and agile methods. In three parallel series of topics CULTURE CHANGE, HR MANAGEMENT and HR CONTROLLING, experts presented their approaches and projects and faced interested professionals for discussion.

The ECB's zero interest rate policy has had a dramatic and direct impact on the business model of almost all traditional banks. Above all, the clear signals from the new ECB President Christine Lagarde that the low interest rate policy will not change for many years to come underline the urgency of seriously addressing this issue.

NetCologne GmbH has repeatedly participated in the GREAT PLACE to WORK® competition and had its own staff rate their employer in comprehensive interviews in the context of a survey. Based on the numerous responses received, the human resources staff of the Cologne-based company have gained projects for the further development of both business culture and employer attractiveness.

Microsoft Power BI has been on everyone's lips for several years now under the keyword "Self-Service BI" and contributes significantly to the perception of the Microsoft Data Platform as a leading analytics and business intelligence platform. In order to maintain and expand its leading position, Microsoft is making significant investments in the further development of the platform and is constantly increasing the range of functions via short, sometimes monthly release cycles..

A lot of companies have to rely on data of the most diverse origin and quality for their HR concerns when said data is needed for controlling and planning purposes. A lack of data quality and laborious processes are the result. The internationally successful eCommerce company shopware, a large manufacturer of online shopping systems in Germany, has implemented the noventum HR-Analytics software solution for its human resources activities.

Whether blockchain technology has disruptive qualities remains to be seen. The hype surrounding Bitcoin, Blockchain & Co. often conceals the fact that the technology is still largely in its infancy. Concrete use cases are being developed, but it must be shown what real benefits the technology is capable of providing. noventum consultant Tobias Schmidt describes what IT strategists should pay attention to.

With "noventum HR-Analytics", the retail group dm-drogerie markt has found a standard solution with a human resources data warehouse and a BI solution based on Microsoft SQL Server and MicroStrategy. With proactive and intuitive analyses, dm strategically sets up its personnel work. noventum supplied the concept and the software.

noventum consulting is one of the 100 best employers in Germany! At the festive gala at the Titanic Chaussee Hotel in Berlin noventum's managing director Uwe Rotermund, his deputy and personnel manager Frank Petersen and several employees accepted the award.

Nobilia starting to transition personnel management processes over to PERSIS HRM standard software


The basic EU data protection regulation is everywhere! Especially in the big data and business intelligence environment, fundamental conflicts of interest arise and widespread paradigms for data storage and analysis may need to be questioned.

The outsourcing market already reached ever new record levels in the past, both domestically and internationally. The number and complexity of provider agreements keeps increasing, so do the challenges for the IT procurement department. Not only does the latter have to master shorter sourcing cycles, but ever more frequently said department is also taking on the role of provider management. In the future, the IT procurement department – as central bearer of know-how – will decisively co-determine what’s going on in sourcing in the company. Whether or not the department assumes the leading role will, to a certain extent, depend on who within the company is one step ahead in terms of specialist knowledge.

Quite often, SharePoint projects are conceptualised and set up to mirror their technical capabilities. In many companies, the initiative for such projects originates from the technical department which considers SharePoint no different from any other software product and rolls it out. In this, questions regarding the “why” and “what for” are often asked too late. As such, failure over the short or long term is pre-programmed, given that the SharePoint technology is considerably meshing with the internal communication and collaboration processes. That, however, requires the support of all parties involved, from the responsible manager all the way to the user side.