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Each and every SharePoint implementation or modification is as individual as your company. The noventum SharePoint consultants have developed consulting modules from their many successful projects with which they can lead your SharePoint project to success as well.

Workshops on SharePoint planning

Customer-oriented workshops for the analysis of business processes and to design possible SharePoint deployment scenarios in your company

  • Pragmatic and goal-oriented: Focus on added value for the company
  • Bridge between technical requirements, implementation alternatives & technical implementation
Project management for SharePoint implementation//migration

Provision of project management for successful implementation of your SharePoint environment

  • Collaboration projects have a high communications share (end users, specialist departments, IT department, other stakeholders, ...). Throughout the entire course of the project, we focus strongly on this factor, which is important for the success of the project.
  • Requirements are constantly and agilely changing; this represents an additional challenge that we, of course, keep in mind.
Agile project management

Project execution in accordance with agile project methods, in order to develop, jointly with your employees and in iterative development stages, a target system which corresponds to your requirements and wishes.

User and authorisation architecture for your SharePoint

Drafting of a user and authorisation concept to securely store your documents and data in SharePoint

  • Who has what kind of access to what content and can intuitively access the content? This elementary challenge is taken into account when creating the filing and information architecture.
SharePoint installation and configuration

The installation and configuration of a SharePoint architecture including its implementation in your IT infrastructure as well as the migration of an outdated SharePoint farm to the preferred current version.

  • Here, we will be happy to support your IT department so that a long-term support by your own staff is ensured.
Individual adaptation and further development of your SharePoint

Development of extensions and applications in SharePoint to fully cover your business scenarios beyond the SharePoint standard.

  • Often, the standard is not sufficient to implement a solution that is intuitive to operate; we can help.
Digitalisation with SharePoint

Digitalisation and automation of business processes with the help of workflows and forms

  • The great potential of the SharePoint platform lies in the tools for the implementation of digitalisation: Using new and existing business processes more efficiently & more transparently and empowering employees without overtaxing them.
SharePoint Migration

Migration of your data from legacy systems or other environments (databases, document management systems, ERP systems, etc.)

  • The merging of different information sources is one of the most important functions of SharePoint.
  • The challenge usually is the replacement of existing systems and the transfer into the new target structure; for this, we use tried and tested methodology in order to ensure data quality.
SharePoint trainings

Conceptualisation and implementation of training measures for administrators and potential users

  • A new platform needs new forms of training: We provide support with workshops, lighthouse user training and the creation of eLearning clips for context-related help with SharePoint applications.



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