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Microsoft BI SSAS Tabular: on the power of DAX Measures

Business Intelligence, HR-IT-Management

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a query and modelling language for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Tabular, Power-BI, and Excel Power Pivot. Calculated columns, tables, and user-defined Measures can be created at a very sophisticated level.

How useful DAX is in business practice is impressively illustrated by a development in the area of the Development in Pay Act. This relatively new law provides employees with the right to demand valid proof from their employer for the commensurability of their own remuneration in comparison to employees with similar activities. With the help of the HR-Analytics solution of noventum, which also relies on the DAX formula language, companies can comply with this obligation.

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noventum HR-Analytics – Projected data to support in-house elections

Due to the oftentimes extensive available data space, the areas of application of HR-Analytics are varied and range from reports and analyses to human resources master data, staffing structure and movement, as well as human resources measures all the way to analyses of time management and salaries. As reporting and analysis tool, HR-A traditionally conduces to human resources management. However, report recipients are also increasingly located at all levels of management and in other areas of the company: from production, via logistics and commerce, all the way to internal marketing and PR departments. As such, the increasing technical possibilities are turning noventum HR-Analytics (HR-A) into a future-oriented analysis and planning instrument.

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SQL Server 2016 upgrade significantly improves data warehouse at BRITA

The family-owned company BRITA, based in Taunusstein, Germany, is a leader in the field of drinking water optimization and is represented on all five continents. It operates a complex data warehouse to meet its diverse commercial requirements. By upgrading its SQL Server software to the latest version of 2016 SP1, the company is now able to use the various new functions of the Standard Edition and to remain technically up to date with justifiable effort.

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Microsoft Business Intelligence Architecture creates new marketing potential

An intelligent analysis of customer and online user data enables targeted and customer-oriented marketing. The prerequisite for this is that the implemented data structures and selected analysis methods and BI tools are coordinated with each other and fit together well. A medium-sized publishing company used the DWH and BI architecture introduced in 2013 to expand its data-based marketing activities. As in the previous BI projects, noventum's consultants were also responsible for developing a data model for marketing, which will also serve as a central basis for future analytics requirements.

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Cloud computing costs money and should start systematically

For most companies the use of cloud services is initially often a step-by-step experiment. Based on individual accounts with one of the major cloud providers, various employees explore the possibilities and get an idea of what might be of interest to their company or department. Even these first explorations are usually subject to a fee. In order to keep an eye on where the journey is going financially, this initial option testing has to be tackled systematically. Such a plan is mandatory for a later widespread use of the cloud. Large providers such as AWS or Azure have usually planned the first steps for new customers diligently. With a Trusted Advisor, such as that found at AWS, the first steps are quickly and safely taken.

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The German “Entgelttransparenzgesetz” brings more justice and technical challenges in 2018

The “Entgelttransparenzgesetz”, which is a kind of Fee Transparency Act, was adopted last year and will take effect in 2018. It confronts companies with many major challenges. If a company has more than 200 employees, they are entitled to be informed of the average salary of comparable employees in order to be able to demand an adjustment of their own salaries. The concrete implementation of this law puts pressure on many human resources departments. Not least, the heterogeneous data quality of personnel data presents major problems for the required evaluation.

With HR Analytics, noventum has created a standard solution for reporting and analysis of relevant key figures in the human resources sector that can be easily adapted to customer requirements. This is successfully used by numerous customers in various industries.  HR-Analytics provides technical support for the implementation of the law. Relevant key personnel figures become up-to-date, reliable and transparent.

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Offshore outsourcing projects do not have to fail because of cultural differences

Over the past few years, more and more IT service providers have relocated services to countries with lower wage levels, especially India. The aim of this offshoring is to meet the increased competitive and cost pressure of the markets. However, many companies had to realize after outsourcing that the expected savings potentials can only be partially realized. As great as the business incentives are, as high are the demands on the provider management of these offshore projects. Due to intercultural differences, serious inefficiencies can occur in such projects. In addition to purely organisational challenges, it is especially the large cultural differences that have a decisive influence on the success of an offshore project.

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