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IT teams are currently under pressure from two sides: the business requires new and complex solutions that drive the digital transformation process, while at the same time, the existing infrastructure must be kept up-to-date and operated smoothly. The shortage of IT specialists is blocking personnel growth and outsourcing alone is not always the way out, either. Additionally, the pressure in the IT departments is increasing and the employees are similarly dissatisfied as the queue of customers at the door is getting longer and longer. The solution does not lie in a “go on like this”; structure and work organisation of IT departments will have to change. IT teams are called upon to work on concepts for an IT organisation of the future themselves and to examine whether agile methods of self-organisation might be the solution for a successful change.


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HR cost control and forecasting in a highly dynamic market

A lot of companies have to rely on data of the most diverse origin and quality for their HR concerns when said data is needed for controlling and planning purposes. A lack of data quality and laborious processes are the result. The internationally successful eCommerce company shopware, a large manufacturer of online shopping systems in Germany, has implemented the noventum HR-Analytics software solution for its human resources activities. Nowadays, the HR management of shopware is capable of providing management with management reportings and forecasts in varied scenarios and to precisely calculate and forecast personnel costs with little effort.

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IT strategies soon with blockchain technology?

According to the World Economic Forum up to 10 percent of the global gross domestic product will be generated via blockchains by 2027. Reason enough to take a good look at this technology already today. The upcoming opportunities of blockchain technology have, in fact, found their way into discussions on the executive level. Especially in terms of the alignment of the long-term IT strategy, the topic of blockchain should be taken into consideration in order to be able to identify early on opportunities for your own company. However, decision-makers should have a clear understanding of the potential impacts of the technologies on processes and industries.

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Strategic positioning of HR work with proactive and intuitive analyses

The requirements for reports and analyses in the HR segment are growing with the technical possibilities. Until now, People Analytics has been the innovation topic du jour, whereas Predictive Analytics is the current promise. Today, the objective of a lot of Human Resources departments is to proactively and strategically support and advise the different areas of their company. The inquiries range from quick collection of relevant HR indicators to requests for intuitive analyses of possible correlations and conspicuous trends. Such requirements cannot be fulfilled with HR data that are stored in various, non-interconnected sources and which can only be combined with a lot of manual effort. The dm-drogerie markt retail group has addressed this situation with the “noventum HR-Analytics” standard solution which is based on an HR data warehouse and a BI solution based on Microsoft SQL Server and MicroStrategy. With its HR-Analytics application, noventum consulting has been able to consolidate the technical situation as well as the data basis of dm, and to significantly improve the situation of reporting within HR.

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noventum consulting is once again joining the game at the very top among the Top 100 prize-winners of the GREAT PLACE to WORK® competition

noventum consulting is among Germany’s 100 best employers! At the festive gala in the Titanic Chaussee Hotel in Berlin, noventum’s managing director, Uwe Rotermund, his deputy and head of human resources, Frank Petersen, and several employees accepted the award. With this outstanding rating in the group of companies with 101 to 205 employees, noventum once again obtained a place in the first row of attractive employers. In an anonymous questionnaire, the employees assessed their employer in detail and provided their employer with an excellent report. Ever since 2006, noventum consulting has participated in the nationwide competition repeatedly with great success. In 2012, noventum’s employees catapulted their employer into first place in its category for the third time in a row. The IT management consulting firm has now been able to continue these successes.

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Nobilia starting to transition personnel management processes over to PERSIS HRM standard software

Growth, mergers, and other large changes quite often present challenging tasks to HR departments. Frequently, the requirements posed to modern personnel management processes as well as to analysis and planning functionalities can no longer be accomplished by simple means. The nobilia company was faced with such as challenge as well. Traditionally, working with Excel, various databases, and e-mail, HR management established a technologically state-of-the-art foundation for its work with the PERSIS personnel management software. With their extensive PERSIS know-how, the HR management consultants of noventum consulting were able to decisively contribute to the project’s design.

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Test automation in software development

It sounds simple, yet, it is of central importance: Software that functions without any error is good, as software errors cost time and money. That applies to standard software, but of course also to custom applications such as those used at many companies in day to day business. Through automated tests, it is possible to continuously measure and assure software quality. Undesired side effects of software changes can be directly identified and avoided through automated tests.


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