Our employees - our most valuable resource

The combined talents and experience of the noventum consultants harbour an enormous potential for conquering the requirements of any customer. To maintain and promote them, that is what noventum consulting considers to be the central task of its Human Resources Management.
The decentralised, flat structures at noventum have the effect that its consultants identify with their responsibilities to a very high degree. Junior employees learn early on to take on responsibility. In this, they are introduced to the challenges and successes of the consultant life by an experienced consultant, their personal godfather. As part of the noventumAcademy they go through an additional training plan tailored to their personal objectives.


In addition to subject matter skills, noventum expects open communication as well as open and honest dealings with one another from all employees. Because noventum is a learning organisation that lives, for one, from its consultants' willingness to share their knowledge and, for the other, from their willingness to constantly expand their expertise. A fundamental prerequisite for this "Knowledge Management" is a strong trust relationship amongst the employees amongst one another.

It is a matter of course for noventum consulting that its executives and organisational structures are systematically put to the test as well, in the sense of a continuous feedback process. The thorough reflection on their own results ultimately provides each noventum employee with the necessary certainty to be working performance-oriented and successful in the future, too.