Our Position

Mission Statement -

Corporate Mission:

We are digital optimists.
We bring optimism to the digital world of work and shape IT and organization in the interests of people and for the benefit of our customers.
IT Strategy & Sourcing

Our mission is to optimally align IT with the needs of the business.

Culture Change Management

Our mission is to make work in organizations attractive and successful.

HR Management

We support our customers in the digitalization of HR processes.

IT Technology Consulting

By using innovative technologies, we create the IT-technical basis for the digitalization of your business processes and thus increase your productivity: cloud-based, on-premises or hybrid.

Business Intelligence

With Business Intelligence & Analytics, we empower business leaders and HR managers to make informed decisions based on data and to agilely manage their company in a dynamic environment.

SAP Processes & Systems

We support our customers in complex SAP and M&A projects to plan and achieve a successful IT integration.

Visions Statement

1. Employer attractiveness
2. Customer enthusiasm
3. Decent profits
4. Strong brand
5. Social responsibility
& sustainability
6. Culture of learning
7. Agile Mindset

Corporate philosophy

What we use to guide us ...

People are the foundation of our action. At our company. At our customers. With our partners connected by friendship. The individual quality sets the tone.

Projects are our passion. With targeted changes, we create concrete benefits and a special impact on the future of our customers.

Quality at all levels is our claim. In the form or personal consultant quality, in communications and in cooperation with our customers, in methodological competence as well as - of course - in all necessary technical and economic aspects.

Social responsibility

Why we like to help ...

We are very happy to support a wide variety of initiatives, projects and associations that make the world a little more livable. With fair and responsible behavior, we want to make a tangible contribution and be a role model for others. Our projects include, for example,

  • the refugee support program "noventum shows its colours" (noventum employees are engaging in a multitude of ways privately in refugee aid, and noventum makes available time and money)

  • the Titus-Dittmann Foundation "skate-aid" which provides children and adolescents internationally with an opportunity.

  • the corporate volunteering platform MitWirken Münster (Münster participation) which brings motivated employees of committed companies together with charitable organisations and associations in Münster.

As well as 72 other initiatives that our employees have suggested in the last 20 years.

noventum is sponsoring projects in the areas of sports, education, youth, support of the weak / those in need, nature/environment, as well as in association work for strengthening the region and/or industry. The sponsoring of cultural events has a long tradition at noventum.

We are convinced that we, as a successful company, should give something back to the world in which we live and work.

Why it is fun to work for noventum...

Employee-oriented business management

Attracting good employees is a challenge. Retaining very good employees is no less difficult. noventum faces both tasks with passion. After all, the know-how and the personality of our employees are the central capital we have as a management consultancy.

We are an exceptionally employee-oriented company. Whatever is possible and reasonable to increase the satisfaction of our employees is done. And with success: we have an extraordinarily low fluctuation rate.

Since 2006, we have regularly taken part in the company ranking of the renowned Cologne Great Place to Work® Institute, and with very great success. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 we were ranked number 1 in the competition for the title "Germany's Best Employer"!

In 2013 noventum became an official Great Place to Work ® ambassador and thus pursues the mission "not only to live a trust-based corporate culture, but also to carry it into the world." (Uwe Rotermund)

The noventum success story continues and also last year we faced the competition.

We have documented our participation in the competition since 2006 until today in detail on a separate page and update it continuously.

The noventum Great Place to Work Story (german)