Agile Change: Trust & Performance Culture


Training provider, IT

Initial situation

The client, a large training academy, wants to collaborate in a more focused and goal-oriented way at eye level by establishing agile ways of working in its IT department, which is distributed throughout Germany.


  • 2-day kick-off workshop with all stakeholders.
  • Backlog management for controlling the individual projects.
  • Basic workshop Agile group training.
  • Specific method training for Product Owner, Scrum Master and the Scrum Team, including communication plan, backlog management, design thinking, user stories, planning poker.
  • Sprint support: Supervision of Scrum events such as Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-Up, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Review, all events "remote" as virtual video conferences.

Customer benefits

  • Emotional commitment of employees to actively shape the change.
  • Effective generation of ideas and structured implementation of sub-projects.
  • Practice-oriented knowledge transfer and independent, agile action "step by step".
  • Sustainable promotion of a fast and highly effective cooperation of the team members.
  • In sum, the team works more focused, faster and more goal-oriented.


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