Agile establishment of a culture of taking responsibility



Initial situation

The customer, a medium-sized savings bank organization, wants to design its reengineering process with external support to meet the challenges of the permanent low-interest phase. The goal is the realization of an additional € 25 million contribution to earnings p.a. by the year 2025. As part of the "25 for 25" project, business reengineering - including process and organizational optimization and consolidation - is to take place in parallel with the establishment of New Work approaches - including self-responsible working with agile methods.


  • Kick-off workshop with the board of directors.
  • Kick-off workshop with the first two management levels.
  • Strategy meeting for planning individual measures.
  • Backlog management and regular reviews on the progress of individual projects.
  • Regular retrospectives to optimize project collaboration.
  • Facilitation of further board & management workshops.

Customer benefits

  • The sense of urgency among stakeholders is present from the early project phase.
  • The desire for change and the commitment to co-design are noticeable early on.
  • Knowledge of the approaches of agile, self-responsible teamwork is imparted in a practical manner.
  • The ability to implement new working methods is consolidated through regular, moderated events and workshops.
  • The structural safeguarding results from the transparent further development step by step: gradually, the employees take over the helm on their own responsibility.
  • All in all, the project runs faster, more predictable and better this way.


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