Agile leadership "walk"shop



Initial situation

Kreissparkasse Düsseldorf intends to test and initiate agile working methods using the example of tasks for further digitization. This is to take place in the circle of managers within the framework of a so-called walkshop in the open air.


  • Development of a special workshop dramaturgy
  • Conception of the tasks for the walking stages, thereby integration of entertainment elements
  • Preparation of several stations for processing the results achieved in the hiking stages using agile methods
  • Elicitation of the most important fields of action using the Eigenland® method
  • Moderation of the discussions at the stations in nature
  • Final discussion and agreement on follow-up activities to be managed using agile methods
  • Follow-up of the walkshop
  • Support of the project management in the application of agile methods

Customer benefits

  • Initiation of important elements of digitalization
  • Learning and practicing agile methods for further application
  • Team building and emotional anchoring through the extraordinary environment


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