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Initial situation

The customer intends to develop ideas, strategies and measures that serve customer retention and customer acquisition in the age group 0 to 30 years. The project work is to be carried out for the first time with the agile framework Scrum in order to work closer to the customer and his needs than would be possible with classic project management. Through the iterative approach, working methods and content are to be continuously reviewed and adapted, and partial results are to be delivered to the stakeholders at regular intervals. These can include product developments as well as sales strategies.


  • Basic workshop: Agile Group Training.
  • Design and moderation of the kick-off event.
  • Specific methodology training for Product Owner, Scrum Master and the Scrum Team, including communication plan, backlog management, design thinking, user stories, planning poker.
  • Sprint support & Agile Coaching: Supervision of Scrum events Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-Up, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Review.
  • Documentation & strategic communication with internal multipliers (stakeholders).

Customer benefits

  • Agile project work serves as a pilot project for new organizational structures within the bank.
  • Establishment of more flexible and faster work processes through direct collaboration.
  • Knowledge building & information transfer within the organization.
  • Consolidation of the cultural elements of trust, transparency, focus, ownership and performance.


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