Application Development and Business Process Modeling


Industrial Services

Initial situation

Cooperation contracts are concluded between the customer and various companies to carry out applicant management in training. These contracts, including the tracking of responses, quota planning and subsequent statistical evaluation, are maintained manually via Excel lists. This process is now to be centralized and supported by software.


  • Recording of customer requirements and examination of a possible implementation in Persis
  • Implementation of the new process in Persis with data entry masks, new master tables, reminders, new correspondences and reports
  • Quality testing of the developments and support during customer testing
  • Start-up and support during the implementation

Customer benefits

  • Consolidation of contingent planning and contract management in one software package
  • Reduction of error sources through centralized contract management
  • Significant time savings through fully automated reporting on contingents and status of contracts

Petra Cifterler
Manager Business Development and Sales

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