Leadership and organization workshop


Municipal management

Initial situation

The city of Aichach would like to further develop its management and organizational culture in order to cope with the growing demands of citizens and employees and to operate an effective administration. Frictional losses are to be minimized and cooperation strengthened.


  • Introductory lecture: Designing a trust-based and performance-oriented organizational culture that benefits the goals of the organization and equally serves the people working there.
  • Evaluation and discussion of the noventum online corporate culture check conducted in advance.
  • Conducting a leadership assessment: what might employees think about the City of Aichung's leadership and organizational culture?
  • Clarification of the connection between intended (well-intentioned) and experienced (well-done) organizational culture
  • Focusing the fields of action and recognizing different "world views" with the business game Eigenland®, see www.eigenland.de
  • Development of concrete proposals for measures to improve leadership and organizational culture
  • Group work: draft of a possible leadership promise
  • Brief introduction to agile ways of working
  • Drawing up a roadmap for further action using agile methods

Customer benefits

  • Clarity about the relevant fields of action for improving leadership and organizational culture.
  • Empowerment for a systematic further development of the corporate culture.
  • Experienced teamwork and cooperation along important strategic course settings.
  • Recognizing the possibilities of agile ways of working.
  • Understanding the impact of a culture of trust for accountability and performance.
  • Prioritizing and initiating effective next steps in organizational development and leadership development.


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