Leadership and organization workshop


Municipal management

Initial situation

The customer sees the need to further develop its management and organizational culture in order to cope with the growing demands of citizens and employees and to operate an effective administration. Frictional losses are to be minimized and cooperation strengthened.


  • Conducting a corporate culture check (UKC online tool) with all managers to prioritize the most important areas for action in preparation for the day's workshop.
  • Presentation on the benefits and design of a corporate culture of trust, responsibility and performance orientation, based on the proven framework model of Great Place to Work®.
  • Elaboration of the fields of action in the topics "Motivation/Orientation", "Tasks/Responsibility", "Teamwork/Communication", "Future Image/Red Thread" and "Trust/Openness" using the business game Eigenland®.
  • Introducing and practicing the principles of improvisation: "Say YES," "Make the Other Big," "Rescue is Duty," and "The Scene Goes First."
  • Developing a leadership promise.
  • Introduction to agile methods.
  • Creating a backlog of all key action items and initiating next steps using agile methods.

Customer benefits

  • Clarity about the relevant fields of action for improving leadership and organizational culture.
  • Empowerment for a systematic further development of the corporate culture.
  • Experienced teamwork and cooperation along important strategic course settings.
  • Recognizing the possibilities of agile ways of working.
  • Understanding the impact of a culture of trust for accountability and performance.
  • Prioritizing and initiating effective next steps in organizational development and leadership development.


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