Leadership development with Eigenland®


Healthcare industry (pharmacy)

Initial situation

The client is a global healthcare company with 43,000 employees. The 70 managers of the German locations are to be attuned to the Company Day with all employees. The strategic corporate goal of growth is to be made tangible and communicable through meaningful and motivating elements based on the concepts of "ambition", "openness" and "courage".


  • Goal definition of the large group workshop.
  • Making meaning (WHY) and concrete options for action (HOW) tangible for the participants.
  • Table moderation with the Eigenland® method with 16 participants.
  • Idea generation, sharpening and formulation.
  • Presentation of results to all 70 workshop participants.
  • Harmonizing and summarizing the individual group results.
  • Commitment to the results of the day.

Customer benefits

  • Increasing the probability of success for the strategic corporate goal of growth.
  • Activation of managers as the most important multipliers for corporate success.
  • Enabling all participants to communicate the core messages and corporate goals to their teams in an authentic and motivating way.
  • Growing together of the management team in preparation for the Company Day.


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