"Leadership Forces Development"



Initial situation

The customer wants to establish a modern corporate organization in order to master the complex future challenges in the telecommunications sector. Embedded in a culture of trust and performance, the employees are to be self-organized, live cooperation and make decisions on their own responsibility. Managers are to be involved as the most important multipliers of organizational development and effectively prepared for their challenging tasks.


  • Sharpening of the target picture and naming of success indicators.
  • Early communication to all managers through motivational video webinars.
  • Direct involvement of all executives through the online tool "Leadership development".
  • Individual exchange with each executive in a 1:1 interview.
  • Creation of a concrete training plan for the most effective leadership development measures based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the survey and interviews.
  • Empowerment of the executives in the areas of agility (mindset & methods), change management, collaboration, results orientation, communication, conflict management, employee development, motivation, change of perspective, self-awareness and team building, among others.

Customer benefits

  • Relief for management and executives ("Get off the hamster wheel").
  • More time for leadership, innovation and strategic development.
  • Motivation of executives through direct participation and co-design from the beginning.
  • Focused idea generation for effective and case-adapted design of leadership development.
  • Leaders become motivated enablers and, as role models, shape the framework for high team performance.
  • Growing together of the leadership team and strengthening of the "we-feeling".
  • Increasing employee satisfaction through "good" leadership.


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