Merger of the SAP systems of two IT service providers


IT service provider

Initial situation

Two IT service providers are planning to merge into one company. Both companies work on one SAP system in different company codes. If possible, the processes of the acquiring company are to be used, but deviations for special processes are possible. To standardize invoicing, the forms are to be adapted so that a common invoice can be created for all products.


  • Analysis of the process-related differences
  • Conceptual design of the transferable SD processes
  • Consolidation of the sales organizations of both companies in one SAP system
  • Customizing
  • Migration of accounts receivable, materials, prices
  • Conception of the common invoice form
  • Programming of the invoice creation programs and adaptation of the forms

Customer benefits

  • All processes run under one sales organization.
  • The invoice forms have been modernized and can be used equally for the products of both merger partners.


Senior Manager Business Development and Sales

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