Process optimization of the month-end closing


Energy supplier

Initial situation

Due to the retirement of an employee, a way must be found at short notice to take over the monthly closing for the client and its foreign subsidiaries. Parallel to taking over the job, a concept is to be created to automate the task. The month-end closing consists of the invoices to the customers as well as the creation of various lists regarding rental objects, inventories and safety data sheets.


  • Assumption of the tasks for the preparation of monthly invoices
  • Analysis of the process
  • Conception of different automation possibilities

Customer benefits

  • Monthly settlements were carried out
  • A two-stage approach to automating monthly billing was developed:
    - Stage 1 with no impact on the overall process with quick wins and initial time savings.
    - Stage 2 by changing the overall process and complete automation.
    - Thus further time savings and no need to re staff the position.


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