Result orientation from a single source through OKR


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Initial situation

Training in the competence of joint "results orientation" was named as the most important field of action in the survey of all the customer's managers. A method is to be established by which the employees pull together in a results-oriented manner. The work in the company is to be aligned with the corporate and departmental goals, which are to be jointly defined, transparently measured and discussed on a quarterly basis.


  • One-day OKR boot camp (Objectives & Key Results) with the management and first management level to get to know the method and rough design of the OKR introduction.
  • In-depth workshops to sharpen the objectives and key results for the company.
  • Half-day OKR boot camps (virtual) at department level to convey the method and to jointly develop the first OKR drafts for the department, aligned with the corporate OKR.
  • Accompanying the client's "OKR aces" by coaching the main drivers of the OKR implementation.
  • Support in the selection and handling of the appropriate digital tools in connection with the provision, documentation and communication of the key figures.

Customer benefits

  • Efficient familiarization with the method for informed decision making on implementation.
  • Common focus and commitment to the core objectives of the company.
  • High speed in the introduction of OKR with simultaneously high motivation of the employees to get involved in the process through great transparency in the procedure.
  • All in all, the customer was able to shape the OKR introduction itself to a large extent and received support, especially in the early phase, in order to set an effective framework.


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