Results orientation and strategy implementation by OKR


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Initial situation

The management method Objectives & Key Results is to be used to consistently and adaptively implement the strategy in the Smart City  and Agile Project Development business units. Together and with focus, the decision-makers want to pull together most effectively  in order to establish themselves sustainably on the market in 2021.


During a one-day digital OKR boot camp (Objectives & Key Results) with management, division management and team management using MS Teams, the participants wanted to:

  • get to know the OKR method intensively & try it out,
  • gain new perspectives on structures and procedures,
  • be able to differentiate OKR vs KPIs,
  • Experience the potential of OKRs to focus on customers,
  • Understand interfaces with previous ways of working,
  • Get new ideas for team development,
  • Better understand goal orientation for agile teams,
  • Get clarity on the "conflict of objectives" DISTRIBUTION vs. PRODUCT QUALITY,
  • Be able to make a decision whether OKR fits the organization.

Customer benefits

  • Efficient familiarization with the method for a well-founded decision-making process for implementation.
  • "ready to use": after the bootcamp, the strategy implementation with the use of OKRs could be directly implemented independently.


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