Service Desk Optimization


Transportation company / IT area

Initial situation

The customer intends to optimize the internal service desk. Ticket recording is to be made more efficient, the self-service rate is to be increased, and collaboration is to be improved. To this end, the first and second level employees are to be trained in a workshop.


  • Determination of the actual situation (cooperation, obstacles, complaints, processes).
  • Reflection on work behavior, self-assessment and assessment by others.
  • Creation of a target picture for good service, taking into account the SLAs.
  • Development of concrete measures to improve and maintain the service level in the service desk.
  • Documentation and description of the improvements in a manual.

Customer benefits

  • Developing the potential of service desk employees.
  • Sustainable motivation through the introduction of structural elements.
  • A consistent image of the "service mindset".
  • Improved collaboration through clearer processes.
  • Increased service quality through collaboration in the Service Desk team.
  • Increased overall employee satisfaction through the quality of IT service.


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