Optimised, SAP systems are even more efficient

noventum Vorgehensmodell Post Merger Integration

A SAP system that works efficiently supports your processes and contributes towards letting your company focus on its central tasks. But a lot of your processes may be highly customised. In that case, your SAP system can only provide what you need after a targeted adjustment.

Since 1996, we have been helping our customers in the optimisation of their business and logistical processes and in mapping them in the SAP system. As a successful supporter for Post Merger Integrations, we have, furthermore, established a name for ourselves with many IT service providers.

We are partners of SAP and have the latest know-how, at any time, to design effective processes for you. We provide you with a tool with them with which you can work successfully.


SAP solutions with noventum at a glance

Controlling: Conceptualisation, setup, and optimisation of strategic and operational controlling processes and systems

Controlling, Implemented with SAP Modules

The conceptualisation, setup, and optimisation of controlling processes with SAP are the subject of this solution. It structures the complete process, from conceptualisation to implementation. The SAP modules CO-OM, IM, PS, EC-PCA, and reporting with SAP BW are being implemented. Controlling includes the processes of planning, controlling of actual costs, period-end closings, and reporting. The solution is optimised for IT service providers.

Sales & Distribution: Conceptualisation, setup, and optimisation of billing and sales & distribution processes and systems, in particular order management

Sales & Distribution Processes, Implementes with SAP Modules

noventum provides consulting services to IT service providers in the conceptualisation, setup, and optimisation of sales & distribution and billing processes and maps these in SAP. Similarly, the connection of web shops or customer portals to the SAP system is set up in this solution. The solution ranges from the conceptualisation to the implementation in SAP. The modules SD, CS, PM and the reporting solutions in the modules (LIS, VIS) are being utilised as modules. In-house developments in the area of invoicing processes are a core component of this solution. We realise your SAP projects and also support you in application management (primarily second level support).

Purchasing: Conceptualisation, setup, and optimisation of purchasing processes and systems with SAP MM and SRM

Purchasing Processes, Implemented with SAP Modules

Setup and optimisation of sales & distribution and purchasing processes as well as their mapping in SAP are the subject of this solution approach.

From the conceptualisation to the implementation in SAP, we support our customers. Utilised as modules are the MM modules and the SAP SRM solution.

We realise your SAP projects and also support you in application management (primarily second level support).

Development: Development of SAP applications with current technologies (ABAP, ABAP OO, WebDynpro, UI5, Workflow)

Implementation of Customer-Specific Requirements with SAP Components

In the "Development" solution, the SBU SAP is supporting its customers in the development of customer-specific requirements in the SAP environment with the SAP technologies (ABAP, ABAP OO, WebDynpro, UI5, Workflow). The developments are close to the solutions Controlling, Purchasing, and Sales & Distribution, but also include in-house developments in the area of interfaces and in workflows.

SAP Basis: Installation and maintenance of SAP systems (Enhancement Packages, Service Packages, Monitoring)

Efficent SAP Operation

With our consulting solution "SAP Basis", we provide consulting services to our customers for the setup and operation of complex SAP system landscapes. These typically consist of operational SAP systems, portal environments, and BI environments.

We realise your SAP projects and also support you in application management (operation, first and second level support).

SAP Strategy: Development of development plans and SAP roadmaps

Development Strategies for the SAP Landscape

We at noventum consulting do not limit ourselves to day-to-day projects such as process adjustments, development of customer-specific solutions, and the administration of your SAP systems. We go one step further and also take care of the strategic alignment of your overall solution within the context of the mapping of your commercial processes.

Jointly, we work on the conceptualisation and planning of your complex SAP system landscapes.

Solution Manager: Implementation of SAP Solution Manager and SolMan processes (Change and Release Management, ChARM; Incident Management)

SAP Solution Manager for a Central SAP Application Management

The SAP Solution Manager is the free of charge collection of tools, contents, and services that SAP offers to support the implementation and later operation of its enterprise applications. With the Solution Manager, you administrate the project information, the monitoring data, problems, events, and changes in your SAP environment.

For SAP customers, the software is most of the time made available free of licensing costs, but its installation and implementation is challenging.

Do you use the SAP Solution Manager as ITSM suite for your SAP landscape?

We support you in profitably integrating the Solution Manager into your SAP system, helping with the conceptualisation, implementation and utilisation.

SAP PMI: Harmonisation of commercial systems in the context of PMI projects

Harmonised SAP Landscape for the new, Merged Company

noventum Post Merger Integration
noventum Vorgehensmodell Post Merger Integration

In this subject area, noventum consulting provides consulting services to its clients in the merging and harmonisation of commercial processes and SAP systems in the context of Post Merger Integration projects. The scope of the solution ranges from the planning of the merger project via the management of the merger, the customising of the target landscape, and the migration, all the way to the hypercare phase.

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