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An increasing formalisation of software development processes and IT operations nowadays compels many companies to focus more on the topics of testing and quality assurance.

Given this background, the necessity to check systems and applications prior to their deployment for accuracy, availability, performance and access is gaining importance.


The objective of quality assurance measures is to detect weaknesses and errors as early as possible. Planning errors that are detected only once the software has already been created are causing huge costs if parts of the software need to be created anew. Furthermore, this may cause project delays or could result in termination of a project.

As far as noventum is concerned, quality assurance starts already at a software project’s inception. We accompany the whole software development process, starting with the validation of both the requirements documents and the system design, through planning and execution of tests, up to and including the management of the test activities.

Here, we consider the constructive cooperation with the specific departments and development teams to be of particular importance.

A good test management can make or break the success of a software project. Test management is responsible for achieving the project-specific quality objectives and for selecting suitable methods. It includes the design and monitoring as well as the execution of the tests.

In test management we place an emphasis on the following subject areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Performance and Stress Tests
  • Test Automation


The focus of the risk assessment is on business-critical requirements of the specific departments on the one hand and the analysis of the complex software components on the other, because

  • too high a level of detail in tests in the wrong area wastes resources,
  • too low a level of detail in critical areas increases the risk of failures to go undetected.

The result is a prioritisation for design, realisation and execution of tests. This allows for cost savings; deadlines and risks in the execution of software projects remain plannable.

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In addition to the functionalities a software is supposed to provide, we also analyse the systems behaviour under load. Quite often, errors only manifest when a system has been placed into production and different users perform transactions in parallel. The planning and execution of performance and stress tests is part of noventum’s testing standard.

Due to performance tests, the system’s behaviour with respect to the planned number of users and data volume is predictable. Through stress tests, the stress thresholds of a software solution can be determined. With the help of these measures, potential weaknesses in the hardware and software can be identified and remedied prior to going life.


During its life cycle, a software solution achieves a high degree of maturity so that it is then only subject to minor adjustments. To assure reliability even in case of these adjustments it should be checked that they do not result in any undesired impact on the overall system. In this phase, performing tests manually would cause very large expenses relative to the software development. noventum is supporting you in reducing these test expenses. By identifying automation opportunities and by creating automated tests, a software’s quality can be checked “at the push of a button” as often as desired. This way, the expenses for manual tests are minimised.


noventum consultants provide a wide variety of competencies in the areas of quality assurance, test management and test execution.

  • noventum test managers and testers are ISTQB-certified
  • We have many years of practical experience in quality assurance and with the respective tools, e. g. HP Quality Center® or HP QuickTest Professional®.
  • Our service processes are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

We work with a clear industry focus and are familiar with the processes and needs of our customers.


Wolfgang Plemper

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