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Executive management

Uwe Rotermund 
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Uwe Rotermund has been leading his company, noventum consulting, since 1996. Originally an IT expert from the ground up himself, he is - with his experience - quite personally representative of the noventum story. He knows the big challenges of IT management and has, jointly with his experts, developed the noventum concept of "IT Management Consulting".

To noventum, "IT Management Consulting" means to assume the perspective of the responsible managers and to provide support and consulting from this very point of view. Without compromises from the customer's point of view. "People – Projects – Quality" – the noventum motto – brings this comprehensive point of view to the point.

Uwe Rotermund shows special commitment standing up for the idea of a trust-based business management. He leads his own company very successfully in accordance with this idea and also presents it to his customers, both as a speaker and as a consultant.

See: Website "Uwe Rotermund"

Board of directors

Frank Petersen 
Director & stellv. Geschäftsführer

Wolfgang Plemper

The management team of noventum consulting develops the varied consulting approaches with which we support our customers. They are the specialist backbone of the company and its members have established the excellent reputation of noventum as management consultants in a multitude of strategic projects. The [senior] managers of noventum have all been working in responsible positions for many years already; many of them are noventum employees from the company's early days.

Together with Uwe Rotermund, they lead the company professionally, economically, and in terms of human resources. In case of particularly important projects, each one of them is also on the road as a consultant time and again. And that with much enthusiasm.

Dr. Frank Gutberlet

Markus Ristau

Bernd Hüner

Carsten Fröning

Thorsten Schmidt

Holger Bredenkötter

Dr. Matthias Olzmann

Thomas Schauer

Business Development and Sales

Specialised sales [& distribution] means to understand customers and to communicate solutions. Our sales managers are very close to your issues at hand and can establish contact to our experts quickly. They are in constant subject matter exchange with our customers and the experts from the consulting services. They utilise networks, specialised conferences, and customer meetings to identify the latest developments in the IT market early on and to introduce them into the business development process at noventum.

And – as is to be expected – they are authoritative, quick, and strong in personal contact. They all communicate the great pleasure we take in information technology.

Thomas Dengler
Senior Manager Business Development and Sales

Thorsten Nimbs
Senior Manager Business Development and Sales

Petra Cifterler
Manager Business Development and Sales

Philipp Ruppert
Sales Manager


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