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IT Management Consulting

noventum consulting is an internationally active IT management consulting company. We support our customers – among them many DAX-listed groups of companies as well as important small to medium enterprises (SMEs) – in the IT challenges they are faced with and in their effort to establish a modern company culture.

For their competitive edge, we organise optimal IT processes and structures befitting the smart business processes. We have a passion for well thought-out strategic analysis and strive for the perfect technical implementation.

Having started 20 years ago, we now have more than 100 employees in Münster, Düsseldorf and Luxemburg and continue to grow.

Our customers appreciate our solution-oriented, optimistic pragmatism which always keeps an eye on their strategic objective.

We are convinced that good work should be concomitant with a humane business culture. That is why we are actively involved as ambassadors of GREAT PLACE TO WORK, where we received the award as Germany's Best Employer multiple times.

noventum consulting – MENSCHEN. PROJEKTE. QUALITÄT.

We make
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Whether you want to consolidate your IT strategy, change your processes and IT infrastructure, or subject your business culture to a critical analysis – we, at noventum, have been providing consulting to companies for more than 20 years in core questions regarding IT management and business culture.

Menschen – Projekte – Qualität, that is our focus and our promise.



A lot of our customers' challenges are highly individualised and require corresponding solutions. But contained in each solution is also a certain amount of general experience. We have brought these experiences to the point and planned them through in typical solution scenarios. Created in the process were methodologies, checklists, glossaries, solution approaches, which in total constitute our wealth of experience to the benefit of our customers.

As such, we do not have to reinvent the wheel anew each time, rather, we come to you with solutions ideas in hand, already.



Ob Sie Ihre IT-Strategie konsolidieren wollen, Prozesse und IT-Infrastruktur verändern oder Ihre Unternehmenskultur einer kritischen Analyse unterziehen möchten - wir von noventum beraten seit über 20 Jahren Unternehmen in Kernfragen zu IT-Management und Unternehmenskultur.

Menschen - Projekte - Qualität, das ist unser Fokus und unser Versprechen.


Whether it comes to software knowledge, project management qualification, process experience in the IT context, product certification or industry knowledge: specialised knowledge is of great significance and often a real cost factor. noventum consultants have a wide variety and in-depth knowledge in all disciplines of the IT industry. Test us with your specific needs; get in touch with us!



Our customers are large and complex IT organisations, independent IT providers, or also IT departments at larger companies. Our points of contact are the responsible managers, who value our experience and independent consulting. Their sophisticated tasks are our challenge. We do everything in our power for their success. With our experience from 20 years of IT consulting, we are masters of our business. We are always keeping the lead for our customers.



We maintain professional partnerships with leading IT solutions and product providers, we are represented in the pivotal panels and participate in them with commitment. Our network includes outstanding personalities from science, business, and society. Why do we do that? We maintain these varied contacts so that you can rest assure to receive consulting of the highest calibre at any time.nen.



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The basic EU data protection regulation is everywhere! Especially in the big data and business intelligence environment, fundamental conflicts of interest arise and widespread paradigms for data storage and analysis may need to be questioned.

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Great place to work

The management of noventum consulting follows the ideas of the Great Place to Work Institute in its management principles.

Three times in a row noventum has been chosen as the best employer in Germany by its employees. Currently in 2019 we hold the eighth place in the prominent ranking.

It is something special to work at noventum!