Self Service BI or Shadow IT?

A question of mindset, culture and technology.

Companies are increasingly recognising the inevitability of Self Service BI (SSBI), but not infrequently they fail to implement it and therefore cannot fully exploit its potential. With this contribution we want to answer the following question: Which factors must be fulfilled so that the cooperation between the central BI organisation and users in the specialist areas - the so-called "power users" - works and both sides benefit from each other?

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA for short, is a technology that enables companies to automate business processes. It uses software robots that can perform human tasks in digital systems. RPA robots are able to perform repetitive, rule-based and time-consuming tasks by interacting with existing applications, processing data, retrieving information and making decisions.

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Trust culture in the company

Trust is more than a concept or an attitude, it needs to be actively built and nurtured. Most institutions emphasise the importance of trust between staff and with clients in their mission or vision statements. Few, however, have defined the cultivation of a culture of trust as a process and a leadership task. In his contribution, Uwe Rotermund advocates treating trust consistently as a management task and pursuing it systematically and sustainably.

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Adaptive IT - building blocks of an agile organisation

The demands on a "modern" IT organisation have changed fundamentally; in addition to the classic characteristics such as operational stability and provision of current technologies with high cost efficiency, there are additional wishes and expectations driven by the specialist departments and business partners - the immediate implementation of new business ideas in digital products before competitors are faster and secure market shares.

Digitalisation thus places new demands on corporate IT. In addition to its traditional function, it must now play a central role as an enabler of innovative business models.

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SharePoint introduction at SAERTEX multiCom realised completely online

SAERTEX GmbH & Co KG and its subsidiary SAERTEX multiCom GmbH produce technical textiles in Saerbeck, Westphalia, and in a number of locations worldwide. In order to improve cooperation within the group, SAERTEX multiCom initiated the creation of an intranet based on the latest Microsoft SharePoint technology. In the future, all locations and departments of the parent company and subsidiaries will gradually work together on the intranet. In 2022, the Saerbeck-based company successfully implemented the pilot project and opened up new ways of communication and data sharing for its employees. Some departments of the parent company SAERTEX were already involved in the SharePoint set-up from the beginning.
noventum consultants and SAERTEX employees met in person for the first time after the completion of the fully online project.

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